Norwood would have been under way only a little over two years when war was declared in September,1939. Between then and 1945 when peace was declared, quite a few Norwood boys would have gone into the Services; the May,1946, edition of The Rocket included the following though I am not aware that Norwood ever had a formal "role of honour":


By Derek Crowther: We should like to obtain as much information as possible as to the whereabouts of old boys of Norwood. Any such news should be sent to Derek Crowther, 136 West End Avenue, Harrogate.
Sub Lieut Russell-Jones
Sub Lieut Morrison
Sub Lieut Smither
Pte Williams (Marines)
Lieut Gray
Lieut Alexander (Terence)
Pte Ruddock
Pte Kitching
Capt J S Groves (Java)
Ft/Sgt Dawson
PO Scruton
AC2 Knight
Sgt Lindsley
Merchant Navy
Midshipman McHarg"

Gas-proof Room

An article by Malcolm Neesam, "Reasonable grounds for doubt" in the 16 April,1999, edition of The Harrogate Advertiser asked about a picture postcard showing "Corner of Sports Ground from the south-west, Norwood College, Harrogate", assuming it to be of the property in Leeds Rd adjacent to the school. It turned out to be the sports field adjacent to Fells Quarry. However, as an aside to the response, in the follow-up article on 14 May,1999, "Readers solve historical mystery", an interesting bit of information, extracted from an advert for the school c1940, said that it had "its own gas-proof room". This was an obvious hint that all the boys would be safe in the event of the Germans attacking with gas bombs in the Second World War.

The photograph is part of an advertisement, which dates from about 1940, and which includes the ominous words "the school has its own gas proof room".

By Iain McRither

During the War a German JU88 shot up and bombed Harrogate, passing over the school playground, whilst I was in charge of the playground lunch break. We ran like hell!!! I was very brave, last in to the Air Raid Shelter (only because others could run faster than me!!)

This was on 12 September,1940

By Alastair Buchan:

An Air Raid Wardens post was stationed in the basement on the Tewitt Well Avenue side. Charlie told me that the room used was to the left of the lower Boys Entrance door. There were about 5 steps down to the outside door (beside the Boys Entrance flight of steps going up) and then the room was immediately on the left. The Wardens had a telephone number of Harrogate 3971. This room * became Form 1 after the war.

* How well I remember being in that classroom!
For some odd reason I can recall that we had some jigsaws depicting "healthy eating"; they showed various market stalls with very colourful awnings, that, I presume, were selling vegetables.
Tony Eden

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