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Brunswick Railway Tunnel
Grand Duchess George of Russia
Dr Barnardo's, Tewit Well Road
Harrogate web sites, Tony Cheal
Looking at Filey
Prospect Railway Tunnel
Scarborough College

..... and, if you are looking for Norwood College or Clifton House School on the internet you could try this site in Japan!

Brunswick and Prospect Railway Tunnels

The Brunswick Tunnel lead the original railway line (from Crimple Viaduct) under Langcliffe Avenue to the Brunswick Sation on the edge of The Stray. This links to the Derelictplaces web site.

At the far end of Crimple Viaduct the line swings towards Pannal and Leeds but originally there was a line to Weatherby through Prospect Tunnel

the appropriate pages on our site are Brunswick Station location, Getting there and Location of Norwood College

Dr Barnardo's, Tewit Well Road

Peter Higginbotham's Children's Homes account of the Dr Barnardo's "Roberts Memorial Home" in Tewit Well Road.
This address is sometimes confused on internet sites with Norwood College at Tewit Well AVENUE.

the Grand Duchess George of Russia

On page 6 of the Bilton Historical Society" account of the Grand Duchess George of Russia in its Newsletter of December,2014.

A list of Newsletters is on the Bilton Historical Society" web site and if you select the Newsletter of March,2016, more information about the Grand Duchess George of Russia is on page 3.

The Grand Duchess and her Tommies in The Telegraph, 15 June,2014. This is on the occasion of a talk at the Royal Hall by Malcolm Neesam That Most Gracious and Noble Lady.

the appropriate pages on our site start at the Grand Duchess George of Russia account.

Harrogate web sites

There are three links here, operated by Tony Cheal,
the Harrogate Names Data Base, with over 164,00 names
Harrogate Snippets
and Harrogate People and Places

Looking at Filey

There are two links here, this one and another including accounts of the Prudames family and draws attention to the Norwood College site.

Scarborough College

The Scarborough College web site may be accessed here and the old boys'assocaion, Old Scardeburgian's Association from here.
the appropriate page on our site starts at the account of Charlie's years at Scarborough College.

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