Apparently, Great Britain is the birthplace of the school uniform (and, most inventions in the world despite what the Americans have us believe). Charlie Cass must have taken this to heart, particularly when he introduced the striped version in the early 1950s. There is even a web site devoted to school uniforms.

Maroon blazer with school badge. Red. white, blue striped tie, maroon cap.

From c1954 Prefects had navy blazer with badge and boys striped blazer with badge. Prefects' cap had blue and red segments with silver braid in-between.

Blazers, ties and caps were sold at W G Allen & Son Outfitters, Prospect Crescent, Harrogate, and in Horne Bros Ltd in Leeds. It must have been the connection with Horne's that enabled Charlie to hand out several Horne's Diary to his favoured few each December. On making enquiries in 2001, Elizabeth Stickney, the Great-granddaughter of the original owner, William G Allen, thought that the Norwood uniforms would have been supplied to the shop by two manufacturers, Beau Brummel and Harmers of Leeds. On the first floor, whether the uniforms were stocked and tried on, was a beautiful rocking-horse; Elizabeth Stickney said, "Yes we did indeed have a rocking horse and we still have him. He brings back memories to many people. Sadly he has now gone into retirement and is on the top of our fixtures." If you want to read the history of William G Allen and his shop see "How It All Began, Yorkshire" by Maurice Baren, published by The Dalesman. Allen's is an old-established shop, started at 4 Parliament St in 1880 by William G Allen, and moved to the current premises in 1890; it was shown on a Francis Frith postcard of 1927.

By the late 1950s the uniform looked like this.

This smartly-dressed lad is Ryan Gledhill of Saxton, a new Honorary Member of Norwood College, wearing an original cap, tie and scarf of that time though the photograph was taken in October,2004 - so the uniform is about 46 years old!

The cap has a blue rim around the peak and a blue panel beneath the Norwood badge, new features over previous design. Also, the cap style is more like those caps worn by rowing or crickets teams - more streamlined than the earlier design which was more rounded.

The stripes in the scarf now follow the length of it rather than cutting across it as the picture at the top of this page shows.

Thank you very much Ryan!

Here is a picture of the inside of that cap, suitably disguised to hide the real owner's name and any +40 year-old remains of fag-ends.

An optional black blazer was also introduced in the 1960's; the reason may have been to do with the viability of Horne Bros. stocking large quantities of Norwood striped blazers as of course by then demand was steadily decreasing and a more generally available alternative had to be found. The Harrogate supplier of uniforms, Allen's was gradually phased out but Horne Bros. continued some time after.

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