By Tony Eden

In about 1953, a Tuck Shop was created in a tiny room bewteen the corridor and the large basement room. This also served as the Stationery Store or "Stock Room" as we called it.
By Ian Clark
Located in the under stairs cupboard in the entrance hall and run by David Guest. This was always eagerly attended immediately after Boarders' pocket money was received. I'm sure David can add a few tales about the Tuck Shop!
By Kevin Cheeseright:
A coffee bar was opened in the basement in 1964. The girls from the Harrogate Grammar School were allowed down on Saturday nights. This increased to Friday nights and after a year or so, several nights. Charlie's 'children' had become teenagers and we acted as such, and so did he. Strict, but with a rye smile.

1960 photo taken in the coffee bar (formerly the Chemistry Lab),back row, left to right: Brian Simpson, Jake ?, ??, David Gordon-Russell, Andrew 'Craig' Smith, ??, Alastair Buchan, (hidden) Ian Blair
front row: Dick Fagan, Albert Nimbley, Dickie Henderson, Dick Fagan's brother

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