(this list is NOT exhaustive; it is in approximate chronological order)

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    "Charlie" Gordon W G Cass
    Maths, Geography 1936 - 1972
    Mr Wilfred H Cass ARCM LRAM (Charlie's father; he died during the early 1960s)
    Music, Algebra, Violin 1936 - (at least 1956 as a teacher)
    Mr S Corasi
    1945 - 1948 then to Harrogate Ladies' College
    Miss G Lesley
    Lower School, Arkela July,1946
    Mr T J Forsyth
    History and English Literature
    Mrs E M Pemsel
    Art, Handicraft 1946 - 1949?
    Mrs Peters
    1946 -
    English Literature 1946 - 1948 & 1950 to 19?
    Mr H Wright
    1946 -
    Mrs Wright
    1947 -
    Major Leathley
    Physics (in evening classes) 1947 -
    Mrs Westcott
    Mr Beanland
    1947 -
    Miss Whiteside (part-time)
    French c1950
    Mr K A Crowther
    Chemistry (in evening classes) 1948 - 1956
    History 1949 -
    Piano, History, English Language, Latin 1949
    French 1952 -1956
    Mr Harold G Hessey
    Nature Study, Biology 1949 -
    Mr A Simpson
    Cricket Coach 1949 -
    Maths 1950(?) - 1971
    (wife of Sidney Jones)
    Mr Sheridan
    Art 1953(?) - 1955
    Mr Goodwin
    Scripture c1955
    Mr Brian
    R .I. c1955
    Mr Collins
    Algebra & Book-keeping
    Mr Spencely
    Mr Henry Inchcape Hall
    Mrs(Miss?) Corasi
    French, Art 1960s
    Mr Peter Hindle
    French c1963/66

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