Updated 15 May,2007

The School Prospectus said,

Twice a week during the Summer term the boys attend the Harrogate Corporation Swimming Baths at special times set aside for Norwood

On Tuesday mornings we set out for the Skipton Road Baths (not "swimming pool" in those days!) on the corner of Dragon Rd and Skipton Rd. This was an old Victorian or Edwardian place and has since been demolished. It had a viewing gallery upstairs with a wooden floor which resounded loudly as one walked along it; this gallery was a marvellous place from which to see Mr Styan throwing the rubber rings into the water for the boys to retrieve.

A 1929 photo of the interior of the Skipton Rd bathes is on the web site Unnetie: search under "harrogate" the look for image PH200-19 - it is quite a way down in the Harrogate photos. However, the scene would well be exactly like in the days when Norwood attended the bathes under Mr Styan's supervision. Note the viewing gallery on each side upstairs.

photograph included here pending authority from Unnetie
15 May,2007

To get there, there were "walkers" and "cyclists" and Charlie in the Chariot. The walkers went in a crocodile Mr Styan arrived there independently.
For those who remember that long ago, the Baths were next door to The Rink, a furniture storage/sale place (but was it formerly for ice-skating?).

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