Here is an extract from a letter, dated 29 August,1965, sent to Hugh Lythall (along with Charlie's congratulations on Hugh's College of Preceptors results):

"At the moment the Norwood Music Course is on (now for the 3rd year in succession); it is a Course run for very advanced pianists and the Principal of it is Mr. Colin Kingsley, chief piano "wallah" of Edinburgh University. One would call it a "Summer School" but, whereas other such courses are quite easy to get into, this one is the most difficult in Britain to enter! (so I have heard).

Only people who have either passed, (or who are about to take), the final Grade VIII in the Associated Board or similar Exam., - or who are about to enter for the A.R.C.M. or L.R.A.M. will be accepted on the course.

The result is that we have 12 students (8 ladies & 4 young men) [course numbers restricted to this at present] each having a long lesson with Mr. Kingsley in the lounge, & then doing 4 hours practice afterwards - (we have imported more pianos!), - every day.

Every evening at 8pm, there is a concert (except Sunday). The first one is Mr. Kingsley's own recital, the second is his lecture on "Contemporary Music", with illustrations, and all the others are by the students themselves: (one lady is already a "virtuoso" & could play in the Festival Hall at anytime!).

This is a bit of Norwood life which very few of its boys have ever heard of, though Mr Guest was asked about it in Oxford recently!

I recently went to Dundee for a day from Edinburgh & distinguished myself by tripping over something in the street, thereby falling! (This, at the most northerly point I've ever been to!); - anyway all is well again."

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