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Prior to the enlargement of the school by the addition of no.3 Leeds Rd, Charlie's Study was on the first floor of the Tewit Well Avenue wing; it was a very small room, always very dimly lit and Charlie sat at his roll-top desk immediately on the left as you entered - after knocking, of course. Invariably, there would be two or three Prefects lounging in the dim background; lesser mortals never knew why they were they or what they did.

An angle-poise lamp gave Charlie some illumination on to his desk but the rest of the Study was gloomy. You could just about make out some built-in cupboards at the far end. What was in those cupboards, I used to wonder? Reports on us boys? Odd bits of O gauge model railway track? Textbooks? Kevin Cheeseright refers to the Study (in no.3 Leeds Rd) as "a total tip" - how right he was!

By Kevin Cheeseright:

I remember my first visit to Norwood in the company of my parents.. We came to the 1st floor (no.3 Leeds Rd) and Charlie's Study door was open and I walked inside thinking it was a Drama store room; enormous weather balloons, some in pillows, old bombs, stuffed animals - a total tip. Charlie's room never changed till the day he left. His red leather-toped desk was buried in a sea of papers, books, old bills, cheque books, etc., and his bed covered in balloons.

He didn't sleep in his bed, always sat up right in the chair furthest from the fire.

Charlie got up at 5am and started the day with a cup of Earl Grey tea (of sorts - so milky you could hardly taste the tea as he only sprinkled a few leaves of tea into a cup). The morning wake-up call from Charlie, first Junior dorm, then Middle dorm and finally Senior dorm. Starting at 7am with a 15 minute interval for each dorm, we would hear him shuffle along the corridors, enter the room and then, melodiously start to warble, "Come-a-long-come-a-long-come-a-long", which seemed to go on for ever.

When he shouted anyone's name he was very precise in extending the last syllable or letter of their name. For instance, Dave Guest was the House Master and had his room next to the Science Labs. When Charlie bellowed from below he always shouted, "Mister GuesssssssssssTUH". Apparently this translated into the normal "Mister Guest" when the sound arrived up at Guest's room - or so Dave said when Charlie sought agreement that his method was correct. Fortunately, they didn't take us for science.

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