A tiny room alongside Charlie's (original) study held the stock of writing and arithmetic books, pencils, rulers, rubbers and so on. A Prefect was given the job of looking after this. Boys would scribble a "chit" listing his needs and his name, present it to the Prefect who would dole out the items. This chit eventually found its way on to the school bill sent to the parents. Unfortunately, names were often indecipherable or items that were not available were not deleted so the system only creaked along. However, the Prefect was given 5/- (25p) by Charlie for his trouble.

This prefect also had to prepare an order on Messrs Beans to replenish the stock.

Later on, in about 1953, the Stock Room was moved to another tiny room in the basement and I think this started to sell sweets and chocolate bars. And Dandelion & Burdock?

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