ANNUAL SPORTS DAY, 1952, 17th July

at the Harrogate Cricket Ground,
St Georges's Road

Page updated 15 September,2007

Left to right: Tony Eden receiving the Coronation Cup: Burton reading out the awards: the daughter of the Mayor of Harrogate: Wilf H Cass pretending to be an FBI agent.

Tony's Diary for that day reads, "Won 2/- at Sports on Balloon Race and won Coronation Cup"......... important things first!

The following four photographs were supplied by Richard Bennison; it is possible that these were of the 1953 Sports and not 1952.

Mr Styan leading the Indian Club Swinging display

Peter Tempest in front of gym teacher, Mr Styan; behind Peter, in centre, is Richard Bennison. Close your eyes and you can probably hear the music coming from the wind-up gramaphone - the music was called Bitter Sweet.
The entrance to the Sports Ground is in the centre of the photograph, looking straight down West End Avenue where Mr Styan lived.
St George's Rd, up which we walked in a "crocodile" from Norwood, goes to the right. To the left was, in those days, a large site occupied by the Post Office Savings Bank and the Air Ministry (later Ministry of Defence). The latter had requisitioned several hotels in Harrogate during the Second World War - when the tourist buisness would have tailed off in any case - but remained at "St George's Rd" until the end of the 1990s. The site is, as to be expected these days, - houses.

The Slow Bicycle Race which Richard Bennison managed to win overall

At rear, on left, is Keith Maude, Richard Bennison, and probably M A (Tony) Rowland. Can anyone recognise the other two?
And that car on the left. Could it be Mr Styan's?

The Tug of War

Richard Bennison says, "Adrian Bean, captain of our team, urging us on. We won! Keith Maude is first on Adrianís left, I am second."

The March Past

Richard Bennison says, "March Past in front of our audience, drill master Charlie in charge. Nearest camera, leading, is Bobby Preston, third along is George Sutherton and I am fifth with Peter Tempest alongside."
Mr Styan is towards the end of the line; you can't make out his face but if anyone wore white drill trousers and a dark jacket over a white drill vest it must be Mr Styan!

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