This is reproduced from pages 2 and 3 of The Rocket, January,1948 edition

Boys of Norwood stand together
Never failing God and King,
'Duty First' their motto ever,
'Right is might' they proudly sing.
        Stand together, stand together,
        Face the future with a smile.
        Only those with grit and courage
        Win the things in life worthwhile.

Boys of Norwood all endeavour
Every day to play the game.
Trust them, they will fail you never
Friendship is their constant aim.
Chorus (as before)

Boys of Norwood full of valour
Marching on the road of life
Meeting all that comes before them
With that faith which conquers strife.
Chorus (as before)

Note that credit for the music goes to Charle's father, W H Cass, but to E L Wilkinson for the words; who was E L Wilkinson?

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