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Mr Jones came to Norwood in c1950 with the exodus of boys from New House College, Franklin Rd. It is understood that Sid had been a Rear Gunner in the RAF in the Second World War. At Norwood, he taught Maths from 1950 to about 1971.

1954: Sid Jones in Classroom 5

Photo by Tony Eden

Annual school photos of 1954, 1955 and 1956

In the Changing Rooms at the 1956 Sports Day, St George's Road

Photo by Tony Eden

Mr Jones gave a talk to the Harrogate Literary Club on 10 December,1962; you can read a transcript of his talk on Bomber Command or you can see the original Minute sheets of the Club - page 1, page 2 or page 3.

In page 1 of his talk on RAF Bomber Command, Sid says that he was connected with 64 Group; the web site A History of RAF Organisation says that 64 Group was at RAF Finningley and was a Communications Flight between 10 Sep 1946 ad 22 May 1947.

The Victoria Cross was awarded to F/O Garner (not Gardner as Sid mentions on page1). More information on the RCAF 12 Squadron.

Mrs Margaret Jones, Sid's wife.1960 Annual School photo
Hugh Lythall too.

Photo by Vollans of Knaresborough

Sid Jones appears to have replaced Charlie's father as (sole?) Director when the latter died in 1963. In the documents relating to the sale of the Playground in 1968, the Director of Norwood College Ltd was shown as Sid Jones and Charlie as Company Secretary; at some date after this H W Curtis replaced Sid Jones as the Director. When the company was wound up following Charlie's death in 1976, the only Company official was Mr Curtis who was shown as both Director and Secretary.

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