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Photo provided by Alastair Buchan

Location of this photo is unknown; the Scout's archive people commented as follows:
... these were Land and not Sea Scouts:
... there was an option to wear navy blue or green uniform and this photos looks to be the former:
... another option was to wear a coloured band around the socks:
... they think the photo would have been taken in the late 1940s/early 1950s. The enlarged section shows a very slim Charlie so late 1940s would be most probable.

Is that Clifton Housde School inthe background? Not likely to be Clifton - as the photograph on the Clifton Prospectus shows but it could possible have been Stray Road.

The school Prospectus of about 1945 mentions that there is a Scout Troop and Wolf Cub Pack "under the personal charge of the Headmaster" and that "Definite time is allotted for the Troop and Pack meetigs each week and camps are held in the Summer." By the time the Prospectus of late-1958 was issued the situation was that "There are two Scout Groups in the School (the 17th and 18th Harrogate) and definite time is allotted for Troop and Pack meetigs each week, and camps are held in the Summer. So far as possible the Groups take an active part in District activities." There was, apparently, no mention of Scouts or Cubs in the Prospectus of the early 1960s.

ASM was Mr H Wright from late,1946. (See extract from The Rocket, below).

The 18th was formed at New House School under Mr Sidney Jones and then was transferred to Norwood.

Wolf Cubs: Akela, Miss Lesley to July,1946, and again from 1948. Then Mrs J M Hammond.

Scouts usually met on Wednesday afternoons and the Wolf Cubs on Saturday mornings.

For several years in the 1950-56 period, Charlie "volunteered" the Scouts to assist at the annual agricultural show at the Great Yorkshire Show ground on Wetherby Road. This continued in later years but now open to non-Cubs/Scouts from Norwood.

When Norwood closed in 1972, the Harrogate Herald reported that Charlie Cass had a long association with Scouting; he was District Commissioner 62 for the Harrogate and Nidderdale Scout District from 1957 to 1961/1962 (superseded by a Mr E Hambly who did the next 5-year stint). The former web site of the District included an extract from the 1943 District Directory:

District Commissioner Mr J.K.Froggatt *

10th Harrogate located Clifton House School
17th Harrogate located Norwood College, Leeds Road

* A boy with the same initials, J K Froggart, attended Norwood form about 1946 to about 1954 so perhaps he was the District Commissioner's son; he lived in Westcliffe Mount.

Extract from The Rocket of February,1947:


Last term Mr H.Wright was warmly welcomed to the Troop as A.S.M, At the end of the Xmas term several members of the troop gave an excellent show. Some members of the cast who were quite new to acting showed their talent very well. The play performed was called "Ici on parle Francais", written by T.J. Williams, and the cast was taken as follows:

        Major Rattan         T .E .Wright
        Julia (his wife)         C .8 .Taylor
        Mr Spriggins         K.C.Winsor
        Mrs Spriggins         R.N.Barnes
        M.Victor Dubois        J.Perrett
        Angelina                A.M.Smith
        Anna Maria (the maid)        D.R.Clubb

The play was produced by the G.S.M. (Mr G.W.G.Cass). Mrs Williamson, N.H.Poole, H.Emmett and A.Briscombe kindly gave much help behind the scenes which was greatly appreciated.

This year C,S.Taylor and C.J.Perrett were made second leaders of Hound and Owl Patrols respectively. J.Rowland was made Patrol Leader of the Fox Patrol.

We are very sorry to lose Patrol Leader Little from the troop.

Our Group Committee has now been formed and its members are as follows:- Mrs Barnes, Mrs Rowland, R.Bell, Esq. and J.L.Eccles, Esq. As reported elsewhere they organised a whist drive which proved very successful and we owe them a great debt of gratitude.


The Rocket, no.4, February,1947, refers to the Norwood Sports Field by the Fells Quarry:

The last term the Cubs have been to the quarry twice. The first time the Cub instructors hid treasure in the quarry and the Cubs had to find it. The second time the Pack was split into two groups, one the Robin Hoods, and the other the Sheriffs. The Sheriffs had to get their money to Mr Cass in the quarry without being relieved of it by the Robin Hoods.


62. source: David Leonard: District Commissioner, Harrogate & Nidderdale Scout District

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