Mrs Ruth Charlotte Cass,
Charlie's Mother

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The obituary notice in the Harrogate Herald of 14 May,1947, read:

"CASS - May 10th, at Norwood College, Harrogate, Ruth Charlotte, the very dear wife of W H Cass. Service at St Mark's Church today, at 11am, followed by interments at Stonefall Cemetery."

Photographs of her grave are included on the page entitled After Norwood

The editorial of The Rocket, no.5, January,1948, said of Charlie's mother,
(although it appeared to be somewhat late for an orbituary, the previous issue of The Rocket had been in February,1947)

"By the death of Mrs Cass we lost one of our greatest supporters, and one who always took the keenest interest in every aspect of the school's activities, especially in connection with this magazine, and we feel the loss of a friend."
Writing in the same edition of The Rocket, T J Forsyth said:
"It is with deep regret that we have to record the passing of Mrs Cass who. From the time of its inception, took a keen and active part in the life of Norwood College. Born in Filey, she evinced a decided talent for music, played the organ at the early age of nine, and was later appointed church organist.

Her father, who took a wide interest in public life, was at one time Chairman of the Filey Urban District Council, and it owing to his initiative that the foundation stones of the old Roman Signal Station on Carr Naze were removed to the Crescent gardens and so preserved for posterity.

On her removal to Scarborough Mrs Cass became deputy organist at Balgarnies Church, and threw herself wholeheartedly into the work on behalf of the children of St James' Church and was responsible for the founding of a vigorous Band of Hope movement.

It was music, however, which remained her absorbing passion, and at Norwood she accompanied the singing, took part as pianist in the school orchestra and gave daily lessons on the pianoforte up to a few weeks before her demise

Those who were privileged to know Mrs Cass were impressed by the winsomeness of her personality, and her many kind acts and her unselfish service to the school endeared her to all. Her presence is greatly missed at Norwood, but we shall remember her with real affection, and the joy with which she devoted herself to all the good things which make life really worth while, will be an inspiration to us for many years to come."

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