The Rocket

Vol.1 No.5, January,1948

Page updatd 4 March,2008

In this issue the Editor, R N Barnes, apologises for the lack of a School magazine in the summer of 1947; the death of Charlie's mother in May of 1947 would have been a great loss to Charlie and his father so perhaps the issue of another Rocket would have been a low priority. An orituary to Ruth Charlotte Cass is on page 4, written by T J Forsyth.

Note that credit for the music goes to Charle's father, W H Cass, but to E L Wilkinson for the words; who was E L Wilkinson?

Ruth Charlotte Cass was born in 1862 and died on 10th May,1947.

The Assembly Rooms mentioned at the foot of page 5 were the rooms to the right as you entered from the Prefects' Steps in Tewit Well Avenue.

Regarding Sixpennyworth, George Gissing, 1857 - 1903, was an English novelist who wrote twenty-three novels between 1880 and 1903. This article was written by the Norwood teacher, T J Forsyth.

The 1947 Sports Day is shown on another page.

The account by Charlie Cass, entitled Merseyside tells the Norwood boys about his initial flying training in the Royal Flying Corps, in 1917, at Hooton Park on the Wirral, with his comment about the "good old days" suggesting, perhaps, a bit of regret at the passing years; he was 19 then and now almost 50.

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