The Rocket

Vol.1 No.1, December,1945

Page updated 22 December,2018

This was the first edition of Norwood's The Rocket magazine; the "maiden number" as Charlie Cass calls it on page 3. He goes on to say, "As the restrictons of war-time recede into the realms of the past the editor hopes to increase the size and scope of the magazine, and he will be glad to receive suggestions towards this end.". The Editor was R N Barnes, a Senior Prefect.

During Charlie's school-days at Scarborough College the school magazine was the The Scardeburgian; perhaps the format of such magazines was, in those days, somewhat similar but there is a distinct likeness with it and The Rocket - though nowhere near as long.

It appears to have been typed on to a roneo stencil and then reproduced at Norwood; the cover is a soft thick paper with a green binding.

The 1948 edition credits the words of the school song to E L Wilkinson.

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