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8th February,2014

at The Coach & Horses

...... With thanks to Kevin Cheeseright
for the photographs ......

John Horner, John Atkinson, Roger Smith (III)

Quintin Lynn, Mik Kaminski

Christopher Wilkinson

Ian Clark (I), Quintin Lynn

Quintin Lynn

Ian Clark (I), Quintin Lynn

Jeremy White (I), Keith Butterfield

Keith Butterfield

Ian Clark (I), Mik Kaminski

Brian Dove (II)

Jeremy White (I), Keith Butterfield

Roger Smith (III)

John Atkinson

John Horner

Alistair Buchan

Alistair Buchan, Quintin Lynn, Ian Clark (I), Christopher Wilkinson, Mik Kaminski

Ian Clark (I), Christopher Wilkinson, Mik Kaminski, Malcolm Dove (I), Keith Butterfield, Jeremy White (I), Brian Dove (II), Alistair Buchan

Malcolm Dove (I)

Mik Kaminski, John Atkinson, John Horner, Roger Smith (III)

Christopher Wilkinson, Mik Kaminski, John Atkinson, John Horner, Roger Smith (III)

Roger Smith (III)

John Horner, Roger Smith (III), Alistair Buchan, John Atkinson, Malcolm Dove, Quintin Lynn, an ELO fan, Mik Kaminski, an ELO fan, Jeremy White, Brian Dove (II), Keith Butterfield, Ian Clark

Roger Smith (III), John Horner, John Atkinson, Kevin Cheeseright, Alistair Buchan, Quintin Lynn, Mik Kaminski, Malcolm Dove, Jeremy White, Ian Clark, Brian Dove (II), Keith Butterfield

Mrs Tony Clark, Jeremy White, Tony Clark (IV), Brian Dove (II)

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