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The Signal Box that controlled the points and signals at the junction of the line from York and the line from Leeds immediately before crossing Crimple Viaduct - the Leeds line can be seen just beyond the signal on the left. The dark walls by the signal gantry are the walls of the viaduct. The name on the Signal Box, above the end windows, says CRIMPLE. Prospect Tunnel is behind the camera. The weeds growing through the sleepers suggest that the photograph was take sometime after closure of the line to York. Photo courtesy of "J.B303" on".

The following photographs were taken by the Leeds Historical Expedition Society in January,2008. There are many photographs on the web site and these are included here with the kind permission of the Phill Davison of the LHES.

View towards the north portal: Crimple Viaduct and Signal Box is behind the camera. The tunnel is 825 yards long.

View out of the South portal and the embankement for the A658 now built over the old trackbed.

A postcard posted from 30 Leeds Rd to an address in Stockton-on-Tees in March,1916. Norwood College is seen to the right of the car which is approaching the junction of Leeds Rd with St Georges Road.
The postcard was published by "Gresham 11 Leeds Road, Harrogate"; this could perhaps have been published by the Post Office on the right as, at that time, postcards were published by the thousands in each town and village.

Members of the Norwood Railway Club would know that beneath the spot where the car is was (and still is), the railway tunnel that took the original line into Harrogate's first station, the Brunswick Station. Then in the Second World War where the Council's bomb shelter was built (and, I think, still is).

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The Harrogate Line

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