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The prospectus of 1959, kindly provided by Peter Guilliver:

The exact publication date is not known but the Fees are those shown in the previous edition in which Charlie Cass had hand-written these Fees as being effective from 1959.
Domestic Arrangements
General Knowledge
Norwood Operatic & Dramatic Society
Business Training
Church Attendance etc
Scouts and Cubs
Railway Club (previously shown under Other Activities)
Notice of Removal

"The Stray, a noted feature of Harrogate, is within fifty yards of the school".
In 1959 Charlie Cass had no need to be looking over his shoulder for officers from the Trading Standards! He might now have had to say, "is within 45.72 metres for a boy of average health and ability"

This Prospectus has "Boarders are required to bring Medical cards" added to the Health section.

The previous Prospectus had included the Railway Club under Other Activies together with "the Magic Circle brings together all those interested in Conjuring" - but the Magic Circle now seems to have disappeared (was that a trick?).

Last year's Prospectus had eight levels of Fees according to age for Boarders and for Day Boys but Charlie has now reduced this to three bands for each group.
No mention is made any longer for a discount for brothers. A Games Fee of 15 Shillings is now levied. It looks as if the sheet bearing the Fees is stuck on to the page thus enabling Charlie to amend the Prospectus at a moment's notice.
All of this sounds as if Charlie has had advice from an Accountant - who else would levy an additional Fee for something that is virtually mandatory?

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