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The school used the Playground on the opposite side of Tewit Well Ave. The first house in Tewit Well Avenue on the side of the Playground is number 4 so the Playground would nominally have been no.2 Tewit Well Avenue!

Do you remember that flagpole shown in the picture above? What a nightmare that would be these days with Health & Safety rules!

Additionally, Norwood had use of, or probably owned, a field adjacent to the Fells Quarry on the approach to the Crimple Viaduct and this field had a board entitled Norwood College Sports Ground.

This postcard shows the Tewit Well Avenue side of the school as well as the Playground. The buildings at left-foreground are the shops in Leeds Road. Clifton House School is not visibe, but is immediately on the right of house at centre-right of the view - this being Stray Road.

Norwood was established in 1936 and perhaps this postcard was published in the first year or so as a publicity item.

The photograph is part of an advertisement, which dates from about 1940, and which includes the ominous words "the school has its own gas proof room".
In my days, there was a long-jump sandpit at the base of the pine trees on the right of the picture.

A closer look at the black/white picture reveals that there appears to be a large name board over the entrance. The inserted colour picture was taken around 1950 and no sign board is here - it was now on the Leeds Road side.
This then poses the question of whether the black/white photo shows the full extent of Norwood as it was before 5 Leeds Road was purchased.
See also the photograph on the Trips page but shown below.

photograph included here pending authority from NYCC
15 May,2007

I remember that during one summer holiday Mr Cass senior dug up the whole of the playground to lay grass seed to provide a new surface; he must have been a very tough man. The southern part rose up a small embankment to Alderson Rd and had pine trees and a few rhododendron bushes; the soil tended to dry out quickly and in the days of Dinky toy cars, we used to gouge roadways so that the cars would run down on their own accord.

The west side, along Leeds Rd, was covered in dense rhododendrons or laurels and this was an ideal place for all the games boys would play crawling amongst the tangle of roots and branches. A flight of muddy steps (probably from where the above photo was taken) lead up into Alderson Rd and the short parade of shops along Leeds Rd - notably the chemist that occasionally sold cream soda drinks, usually Baraclough's.

The playground was sold on 25 March,1968, for redevelopment (as they say). The conveyance of the playground from Norwood College (Harrogate) Ltd to "Tewit Well Housing Society Limited whose office is at 1 Lynton Parade, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Herts" shows that Sidney Jones is the Director and Charlie the Company Secretary. This deed is dated 25 March,1968. The block of flats is called Tewit Well Court, 7 Leeds Road. Charlie informed the parents with the following letter: the style of the letter does not sound like Charlie speaking so perhaps it was written by the School Secretary. The use of "we" rather than "I" is curious.

"30 April,1968

Dear Parent,

In endeavouring to cope with the constantly increasing financial difficulties of the present time - a time in which independence in Education is being placed more and more in jeopardy resulting in the closure of many excellent schools - I feel that it is my duty to let you know of something of what steps we have taken at Norwood.

For some time now we have been considering the advisability of disposing of our piece of land adjacent to the school, especially as, in recent years, it has not been used to the same extent as formerly, and quite lately, after a long period of negotiation this sale has been effected.

This transaction will help to consolidate our resources whilst at the same time it will have little or no effect upon the school.

Regarding the question of fees, I would say that these were last increased by three guineas per term in January 1966, and we had hoped to maintain them at this level, but unfortunately it is no longer possible and we find therefore, that as from the beginning of the September term, it will be necessary to raise them again by the same amount.

Nevertheless, we feel certain that with your find co-operation, the present problems will be overcome, and that Norwood will continue to play its part in this ever-growing community as it has done in the past,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

signed Gordon Cass, Headmaster"

A very good satellite view of the former sites of Norwood and its Playground is on the Flash Earth web site or Google Maps web site Hanover House apartments is the white-roofed L-shaped building built on the site of Norwood; The other white-roofed, H-shaped building, is built on the Playground and the surrounding trees are probably those that were growing when Norwood first occupied the site in the 1930s.

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