Updated 20 October,2007

1951 Production, at the Harrogate Hydro (Old Swan Hotel)
28 and 29 March

This evening included Trial By Jury

The cast is listed in the progarmme included below.

First 3 photographs by J Harding, 9 Fairfield Rd, Wyke, Bradford
(photos kindly provided by John Perrett)

Centre: Peter Tempest (Pirate King) and John Perrett (Major General Stanley).
Arthur Eldon (Samuel) & Joan Hammond
To the left of Joan Hammond is MIchael Levine and against the column is Richard Bennison with Peter Willis and Bobby Preston.
Far left, standing, is Dennis Guy.

above: Peter Tempest (Pirate King), John Perrett (Major General Stanley), Arthur Eldon (Samuel)

above: John Perrett (Major General Stanley)

The following photograph was kindly provided by Michael Levine.
Dennis M Guy as Frederic, the Pirate Apprentice, and Joan Hammond as Ruth, Pirate Maid of all Work. C Burton is beyond Joan's left arm.
And that hand and violin bow in the foreground? Well, it must be Charlie's!

The following images of the Programme (7 pages) were also provided by Michael Levine: note that the evening included Trial By Jury; you wil see that several autographs were obtained.
The last page, 8th, was blank; usually such pages include a printer's name but not this time.

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