Updated 16 November,2018

During 1950(?), the school was expanded by the purchase of 3 Leeds Road that physically adjoined no.5. Doorways were cut between the two properties. Charlie moved his Study from no.5 to no.3. The expansion was necessary as a result of the absorption of about 80 boys from another private school, New House College, in Franklin Rd, that abruptly closed. (Franklin Rd is to the north of the town centre). Some New House College teachers also came to Norwood; Mr Hessay was one of these and he is not the 1950 Norwood school photograph - but he does not appear on the 1949 photo so it does appear that the expansion of Norwood took place in 1950. The 1948 Electoral Roll includes the occupants of number 3 as Hannah J and William H Hamlyn.

The word 'purchased' was used above. The Conveyance document of November,1944, does say that nos.3 and 5 Leeds Road plus 1 Tewit Well Avenue passed from the previous owners to Norwood College (Harrogate) Ltd. so we can only assume that Charlie, or more correctly the company, took on no.3 Leeds Rd a few years before use was made of the building for Norwood purposes.

The rooms on the west end (i.e. Harrogate end) of the first floor of no.3 Leeds Road were, for a time, occupied by Mr & Mrs Bowtle; their daughter, Mrs Ethrington and her husband - who was always know as Chef and did most of the meals - also lived in this part of the school. Mr Bowtle was in the Scouting movement and it is presumed that they were paying tenants; Mr H Bowtle was shown as being the District Scoutmaster in the January,1948, edition of The Rocket.

This photograph was sold, mounted on a card with a small calendar below, in about 1950. It is interesting to note that the NORWOOD COLLEGE sign board covers both no. 3 and no.5 Leeds Rd; this suggests that the photograph was taken after New House College was absorbed into Norwood. The coloured part of the school, on the left, shows the extent of no.3 Leeds Road.

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