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Updated 17 December,2018

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Peter Addyman
Peter Doyle
Stuart Thurston

Peter Addyman

I recall a day in the playing field when Charlie had had created a new sand pit for long jump practice. Its sandy floor had been raked smooth and Charlie, in his typical way, decided to declare it open by ceremonially walking up it.
When he and the assembled audience looked at the resultant footprints, everyone was struck, including Charlie himself, by the way the footprints were distinctly and consistently splayed. Charlie Chaplain always walked with exaggeratedly splayed feet in his films.
Charlie immediately said 'I don't know why I have been called Charlie, but maybe somebody noticed that I walk just like Charlie Chaplain'.

Updated 17 December,2018

Peter Doyle

Some pupils had to do after-hour duties. I recall opening the front door to Harry Corbett (of Sooty) fame who was wanting to see Mrs Hammond.

Updated 12 November,2018

Stuart Thurston

I joined the Civil Service upon leaving Norwood in 1970, whereupon I worked in the High Court in Leeds, then on promotion to Sheffield and finally as the Chief Clerk of the Family Division of The High Court for East Yorkshire and deputy judge, based in York, but with Courts in Hull and Scarborough as well.

In 2002 I took early retirement at the age of 50. Having worked closely with the Legal Profession for so many years, I had several offers to join firms as a Consultant, but my wife (who was in charge of the Library at the National Railway Museum) and I had decided that we wanted to move lock stock and barrel down here to Cornwall whilst we were still young enough to enjoy ourselves and so we did just that. Besides, the kids kept leaving home and coming back in rotation, so we thought if they arenít gonna leave, we will! (Only joking but it felt like it at the time, as each time they came back it seemed like the Co-Op laundry had arrived outside complete with itís own Menagerie, so we picked up the animals we had inherited and fled down here! Haha!)

Regarding the photos, they were taken in 1969/70 and I remember all the guys names in the form room and the one on my Scooter was Quentin Lynn and myself leaving the back of Norwood as Charlie let me park my Scooter in the boiler room. On several occasions he used to pass through that room on his way to the car and would always show an interest in the Scooter and asked me what I was doing and why. It was a case of stand up straight and explain and he was always interested but reminded me that I should make sure I Ďcleaned upí before going back to the form!

Happy days and I still have the same Scooter in my garage now and ride it regularly to the beaches down here in the summer. (Old Mods never die - just carry on posing!)

Updated 14 April,2014

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