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The Harrogate Literary Club met, at least sometimes, at Norwood College and for some of its existance, at least, Charlie Cass was the Honorary Secretary.

"Report of the Honorary Secretary upon the
Sixty Ninth Session - 1962-1963
The Sixty Ninth Session was seriously interrupted by one of the most severe winters ever experienced and no meetings were possible between December 10th 1962 and March 18th 1963.
The meetimgs which were held, however, were as follows:-

1962 22 October "What the Public Wants" (Mr Stuffins)
1962 12 November "Eyesight" (Mr Freeman)
1962 26 November "Love's Labour Lost" (Mr Story)
1962 10 December "RAF Bomber Command" (Mr Jones)
1963 18 March "The Dramatic Poem of Job" (?) (Mr Bonnet) (?)

All the Meetings were well attended despite the conditions and they were greatly enjoyed

G W G Cass
Hon Secretary"

sheet provided by Alastair Buchan

To see a larger version of the Report, click here

The Met.Office summary of the 1962/63 cold winter can be viewed but a short extract follows:

"The winter of 1962/63 was the coldest over England and Wales since 1740. As in 1947, anticyclones to the north and east of the British Isles brought bitterly cold winds from the east day after day. As in 1947, depressions followed tracks to southward of the British Isles and their fronts brought snow to England, Wales and the southernmost parts of Scotland.
The most remarkable feature of the 1962/63 winter was not so much its snowiness as its coldness. The winter of 1947 was snowier than 1962/63, but not as cold".

Sidney Jones delivered a lecture on "RAF Bomber Command" on 10 December,1962. (You will recall that he was in the RAF)

Hon. members attending the lecture by Mr. Freeman on "Eyesight" on 12 November 1962 included Buchan, Oxtoby and Dugan (all pupils)! At that meeting the annual subscription was increased to 15/-. (75p).

See also First World War Experiences for Charlie's description of his life in the Army Services Corps and the Royal Flying Corps.

By Alastair Buchan:

I'm fairly sure that this was a different group from the Harrogate Literary Society that held their lectures down at The Royal Hall.
The lectures were held at Norwood in the lounge and Mrs. Collinson used to make the sandwiches.

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