The following list is gradually being expanded but please notify Tony Eden if you see any omissions or errors.

S = year started.            L = year left Norwood
B= Boarder, otherwise thought to be a Day Boy

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Keith Race S Jan,51 L Nov,53
Andrew Ramshall S60 L68
Graham Rath L66
? Repson L53
M Rhodes L39
Clive Richardson L58
Peter J Riddell S49 L58
J A Roberts S47 L54
Geoffrey (Ratty) Robinson
P Robson L58
Stefan Roed (deceased)
John R Rowland L49 Pref 49 from Knaresborough
M A Rowland L49
Eric Rowland S Pref 51-52
? Ruddock L39 (Pte in Army)
David Russell, "Rusty"
? Russell-Jones L39 (Sub Lt in Navy)


Roger Sagar S48 L53
David Schofield S41 or 42 L47
John R Scott S46 L54 died, 2006
? Scruton L39 (P/O in RAF)
Julian Scurr L1970
Conrad Seddon L49 played Pitti-Sing in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48
R C Selby L45
Robin Sellers L55 lived in West Park, Hgte over father's model shop. Died c1958
Ian Shaw (1960s)
Jack Shaw B L57 Pref from Leeds
W Shaw L49
A Shubber L58
Andrew Craig Smith (Smith III) S62 then Boarder in 62 L July 66
Christopher Smith L66
Gerard Smith (now Gerry Lumley)
Gordon Smith L49 played Pish-Tush in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48 Pref 48
Richard Smith L57
? Smither L39 (Sub Lt in Navy)
Adrian Spencely
Julian Spencely
P L Stag L53
N N Stanley S48 L54
Joe Stelmach S64 L70
J R Stewart S49 L53
D Stickney L58
J Stiller S46 L52
Bill Stoker L51
John Scott 1960s I regret to say that John died in September,2006
Roger Stroyan L51
J A Sugden S48 L54
John Sutcliffe L58
George F Sutherton S48 L53 (from the Doncaster area? Around 1954 was school secretary)


A R Taylor S49 L53
Colin Taylor L52 played Go-To in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48
Miles Taylor
G Teebor S48 L53
Paul Tempest S49 L53 (from Keighley area)
Peter Tempest S49 L53 (from Keighley area)
N Temple S48 L53
Howard Thackray (Thackers) S49 L56
Richard Thirkill S48 L53 played Peep-Bo in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48
Geoffrey Thompson L60
Richard Thompson (Yappie) L60
Paul Thompson S44 L49/50
Stuart Thurston L70 (2014)
J Thwaites L52
Rex Tipping L54 lived in Otley/Ilkley
G K Toas S49 L53
Brian Trenbath L46
P Trevvett S49 L53
D Tse L60
F Tse L60
R Tse L60
P G Tucker L45
P T Tufft S46 L54
Cp Turnbull L39
Ian Turner L1968 Phone: Sep 2006, 01377 256389
"Doc" R Gordon Turner S37 L Dec 48 Sen Pref 48 Died, 2004
John C Tyreman S46 L51


F Underwood L58


Robert (Bob) Velvin
Michael Verity
M J Verstage S46 L54
M C Viner S49 L53


H Walker S49 L53
Johnnie Walker S49 L53 (from Addingham, near Skipton)
Malcolm Walker B S48 L57, from 56 Silverdale Rd, Hull & Tenerife
P Wallace L46 Sen Pref 1945
P Wallis L39 L53
P Warriner L58
Stephen Ward
(brother of above) Ward
Colin Wardby L53
Ian Waudby (now Kilner) S46 L53
Brian Weatherhead L54 Pateley Bridge
Ian Weatherhead S48 L53 Pateley Bridge
Malcolm (Bill) Webster L59 lived at 4 Silverfields, Hgte
A R Wentworth S49 L53 (from Leeds area)
F Stephen Westcott S46 L54, lived in Tewitt Well Avenue.
    Mrs Westcott was a teacher at Norwood
W Wheatley S49 L53
P Whitaker L55
Jeremy White L71
Nicholas White L70
Shaun M White S68/69 L71
E D Whitehead S48 L53
R Wigley L58
G Wilkie-Snow L46
Brian Wilkinson L58 lived at 27 Regent Place, Starbeck
L R Wilkinson L39
? Williams L39 (Pte in Marines)
P H Wills S49 L53
F Wilson L49
K C Winsor L49 Pref 1945
Maurice Worsnop L58
A E G Wright L39
T Edgar? Wright L46 Pref 1945


A Yates L51

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