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if you see any omissions or errors.

S = year started           L = year left Norwood
B = Boarder, otherwise thought to be a Day Boy

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Archie Haddo I (from Leeds area)
? Haddo II (from Leeds area)
? Haddo III (from Leeds area)
? Haddo IV (from Leeds area)
Charles Haigh S48 L54
D L Hall L46 Hd Pref 1945
? Hall (in 1954)
John Hall L69
Robin Hall S69 L July,1971
G Hanley L58
I H Hare S49 L53
H Hasan L58
D Harvey S48 L53
T Harvey S48 L53
Robert (Bob) Hatfield (from USA)
M H Hawking L49
M Hayes L50
D L Heal L46
P A Heath S48 L54
D M Higginson S49 L53
R J Higginson S49 L53
W R Hindman S48 L54
David Hindmarsh L71
Paul Hindmarsh L71
Frazer Hines S48 L52
H Hodgson L46 Sen Pref 45
D Holdsworth L49
Ian Holliday L1965
David Holmes L68
John Horner S1960 L1967 Hd Pref 1967
Mick Hoyes L1962
John Hurren L58


Martyn Ibbotson L58 Died in 2008
Peter D? Inman L57 Pref


Robin 'Poppleton' Jackson L58
Richard Jackson L58
Roger Jackson S49 L53
? Jenkins L53
Derry Jones L49


Mik Kaminski (Skinks)
Peter Keightly
John Kidson L63
Hamish King S Sep,1968 L1971
J A King S47 L53
? Kitching L39 (Pte in Army)
Howard Kitching (1960s)
? Knight L39 (AC2 in RAF)


John Laughton L60
M Lentworth S48 L53
Johnnie Lever B L54
F Levinger L46
Michael Levine B S50 L55
G J Lindner L53
? Lindsey L39 (Sgt in RAF)
? Ling I S46 L52
? Ling II S46 L52
? Little L54
Christopher Hodgkinson Lowe B S53 L63. Died 19 November,2008
Neale Lucas L63
Gerry Lumley (formerly Gerard Smith)
? Lund L58
Brain Lythall S1/57 L64 Day-boy then B from 1960
Hugh Lythall S 1/57 L7/67 Day-boy then B from 1960 Hd Pref 66


? McHaig L39 (Mdman in Merchant Navy)
Owen McGill B L54
Owen McGill
Fraser McGilvray S1960 L1964
Roger McKevitt L58
Iain McRither L41
(?) Mallinson
Billie Manks L52
B Marks L52
Ben Marshall (Musso) L58 Died in 1978
Chistopher H Marshall L57 from Scotton?
John Marshall L51
? Mart L50
Greg Martin L70
Donald Matthews S51 L60
W E Matthews S46 L54
Keith Maude L52
W J C Mayne L45
Derek S P Meek L45
Richard Metcalfe L Dec,60
? Mercer S46 L52
John Michelsberg B L54
P Mickelsburg B S46 L54
John Mitchinson S59 L62
Trevor Miller L68
Allen J Mills L52
M Milnes L45
D Moir Smith L46 Sen Pref 45
John Moore L68
? Morrison L39 (Sub Lt in Navy)
T N Morten L52
N Morton L51
G E Mould S47 L54
R Nelson Smith L50


Edward Nessesian
Vahe Nessesian
Malcolm (Doc) Newsome B S38 L46
? Nickle L55
Bernard Nicholl L46
Timothy Noddings L71
O G Norris Pref 46


Roy Oddy L51, lived in Leeds Rd, Hgte
Michael O Sullivan B S46 L54
Michael Owen S65
Michael Oxtoby L58


Rajdni Patel
John I Paley L56 Pref lived at The Cottage, Lingerfield, Knaresborough
Hassan Palitzi L60
Mahmoud Palitzi
Reza Palitzi L60
Charles Patchett L53 lived in Menston?
Timothy Patchett S54 L56 lived in Menston?
D Peel L58
John Peel S46 L53 ex Singapore; lived in Robert St
Chris Pemsel L51, mother, Mrs E M Pemsel who taught in Lower School - Handycrafts, Art
Michael M Perkins S47 L58
C John Perrett S42 L52 Pref 48 Hd Pref 51-52 Played Ko-Ko in the Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48 49
Howard Perrett S48 L53
S Perrett S48 L53
Desmond Pierce
Andrew Pickersgill L1963
Tony Pleasance L54 father was the Senior Master at Ashville College. Lived in Leadhall Crescent
N H Poole L49 Pref 46
Derek Potter
Richard Potter 1952-1958
Monty Prynn L52 (Deceased)
David Pullan L58
Roger B Pullan S39 L50 Pref 49
Brian Pullein S46 L51 (from Headingley, Leeds)
Mickey Pullein L49 Pref 49 (from Headingley, Leeds)

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