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S = year started.            L = year left Norwood
B = Boarder, otherwise thought to be a Day Boy

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Dr Peter Addyman CBE     L57 (formerly Director of York Archaeological Trust)
? Adkinson L46
Shamim Ahmed B S January,56 L58 (ex Karchi, Pakistan)
Terence Alexander L39 (the actor: in 'Bergerac' and many, many more).
     Died, 28 May,2009, aged 86
Chris Allen 1971
J Allen S46 L54
G Anderson L52
Nick Anderson L1963
B Angas L58
Nicholas Anderson
? Andrews S46 L52
T L Armitage S47 L54
I Atkinson S46 L54


? Bagshaw L54 Lived in St George's Rd?
Ian Bailey L55
M Baker S46 L54
Charles Anthony Baldwin L57 Pref
David Baldwin
A Barker L58
J E Barker S48 L53
Keith Barley L65
Roddy N Barnes L49 Pref 45 Hd Pref 49
Kevin Barrand L1970
D Bartle L58
D Batchelor L50
Adrian Bean B L55 (from Malton)
R Beckett S46 L51
? Beckitt L53
Gordon Beer
Charles Bell L55
Eric Bennison (Bennison II). Eric died in 2004
Richard Bennison S48 L55 (Bennison I) Boarder from 1950 to 1953 mobile phone 0407899512
Richard Fisher Black L58 Richard died on 14 November,2012
J Blacker L58
Nicholas Blackwood L1967
Gordon W Blair S46 played Yum-Yum in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48 L49
Martin C Boddy L58 B from Kirby Moorside. Then School Secretary/Bursar until 1962
J J Bolam S48 L53
J Boocock L51
Ian Kingsley Bosomworth S49 L58 died in 1994
J Bourne L45
? Bott L50
Denis Bradbury II L56 from 79 Otley Rd, Hgte, then Ripon Rd
Noel J A G L Bradbury I L56 from 79 Otley Rd, Hgte, then Ripon Rd
A J Bradley S48 L53
? Bradshaw S46 L52
John Brady L52
Charles Bright
Raymond Bright
Rudolph Bright
A Briscombe L52
P F Broadbelt S49 L53
F W Broadbent L53
? Brodnick L53
Graham (Joe) Brown L61
Tim Brown L1962
Alastair Buchan B S9/58 Charlie's personal secretary from 1964 to 1968
T G Burrell L53
C Burton S48 L53
Keith Butterfield L71


? Capel-Currig
Billy Carr L72
A Carras S46 L52
J David Castle L58
Peter Castle L58
D E Caulton L45
Kevin Cheeseright (Cheesey) L68
Steven Cheeseright
Ian G Chippendale L57 lived in Starbeck
Don Clapham L 1962
John P Clapham S46 L54 (lived in Yewdale Road, Harrogate)
Peter B Clapham S46 L54 (lived in Yewdale Road, Harrogate)
David Clark (Dave) 1971
Ian (Click) Clark S Sept,1964 1971
? Clary L53
D R Clubb "Clubby" L52 played Pooh-Bah in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48
David Coles S51 L61
Ron A Collings L46 Pref 46)
Nigel Collins S1959 L1962 Telephone 01423 881112
? Colman L51
M Combridge L50
Paul Cooper S64 B L71
John Cornforth L58
M Cowling L49 Pref 1945
? Cowling S46 L52
D Cressall L51
M Crolla S46 L54
Dave Crompton - see David Coles
E Crossley S48 L53
B V Crowther S47 L54
Derek C Crowther L46
John Barton Crowther S April 54, L end,60 Hd Pref 59
Richard Cullen L58 Pref
Nigel Cullings S1959 L1962
? Cuthbert S46 L52


Jim Dainty L60
J B Dare Mordle L45
K N Davie S46 L54
M Davey S46 L51
? Dawson L39 (Ft/Sgt in RAF)
? Dawson L54
Gordon Sidney Dinsdale L52 (Deceased)
Enoch Doubtfire (Chuck)
Brian Dove L71
Malcolm Dove L71
John Doyle L58
Peter Doyle L58
? Duncun L55
Miles Duggan


Anthony (Tony) Eden (1945 to 23 July,1956), lived at 57 Leeds Rd, Harrogate.
    Now in Wokingham, Berkshire
    01189 797 797
    Author of this web site
Arthur B Eldon S46 L54
J Edelston L51 Pref 49
J Edwards L45
Henry Emmett B S46 L54 played The Mikado in 48 at St Marks Parochial Hall 49
T Ewins S48 L53
John Eyre
J D Ezart S49 L53
Roy Ezart L58


John E Fallon L1952
Brian Ferris L60
P Fischer L51
Godfrey Fleetham S49 L53
J Fletcher L58
Barry Flude L68
? Forbes L55
J K Froggart S46 L54 lived in Westcliffe Mount (?)
Stuart Fryer


D Gairns L51
Graham Gale L64
Christopher Garden (previously recorded here as 'Brian Gardner' S1951 - L1956
56 Pref lived in Hgte Rd, Leeds
R David Gaunt Sen Pref 1945 Hd Pref 46 & 47 then RAOC
R L Gaunt L46
Peter Gent L58
Matin Ghani S56 L63
S Gifford S46 L51
Henry Goldstone S49 L53 (from Kingston Upon Hull)
David (Rusty) Gordon-Russell B S Sep59 L65
C J Gosling S49 L53
Neville R Gray L39 (Lt in Army)
D Green L50
J Green L49
Robert Green L54 lived in Leadhall Lane (in "Lead Hall"?)
Michael Greenway L58
C Greenwood S48 L53
J S Groves L39(Capt in Army)
P F Grundy L50
David Guest L1971
Peter (Pete) Gulliver L1962
Dennis M Guy L50 played Nanki-Poo in The Mikado at St Mark's Parochial Hall in 48

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