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Mrs Joan M Hammond (latterly, Mallet), LRAM LGSM, taught at Norwood from September,1946, into the 1950s; she was Akela for the Cub Pack and was our English Literature teacher.

Mrs Hammond was in most, if not all, of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta performed by Norwood: The Mikado, Cox & Box, HMS Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, Trial by Jury and Iolanthe. The Norwood College Operatic & Dramatic Society was affiliated to the National Operatic and Dramatic Association; Joan Hammond was the Society Secretary from 1953 until 1969 when Charlie assumed that post.

Concurrently, Joan Mallett performed with the Harrogate Dramatic Society (HDS) in productions, many of which are listed below, and was the Society's President until she died in 2008. From 1982 Joan began directing productions and Move Over, Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney & John Chapman, performed in May,2006, at Harrogate Theatre, the year in which the HDS celebrated its 60th Anniversary, was her last production. The Harrogate Advertiser carried a review of the production in 2006.

Joan died on 12th February,2008. The Harrogate Dramatic Society said,

"The Harrogate Dramatic Society is very sad to announce the death of our President, Joan Mallett. Joan had been involved with the Society for many years and will be sadly missed by all who knew her. The energy, strength and enthusiasm she threw into her time with HDS was remarkable and she remained a strong supporter until the day she died.
In Joan's own words, "I've been to a marvellous party"
            - Stuart Kellett Chairman, Harrogate Dramatic Society"

This photograph of Joan appeared on the HDS web site together with the above announcement. It is included here with the kind permission of Stuart Kellett.

The Harrogate Advertiser said that a Service in her Memory was to be held at the Harrogate Theatre on 13 March,2008. The newspaper of 15 February included the following:

Beloved theatre stalwart dies

ONE of Harrogate's best known and most respected theatre supporters has died.

Joan Mallett, who was president of Harrogate Dramatic Society, vice-president of the Harrogate Theatre Board, and a former member of the Weeton and Huby Village Players, died peacefully at her Hampsthwaite home on February 12.

With a wealth of amateur dramatic experience behind her, Joan appeared in over 200 plays during her years with Harrogate Dramatic Society, as well as directing many performances.

Born and brought up in Leeds, she enjoyed a successful teaching career specialising in English and Drama.

As a long-standing member of the Harrogate Theatre Board, she was thrilled to see the recent refurbishment of the theatre come to fruition at the end of last year

Her funeral will take place at Stonefall Crematorium on Wednesday, February 20 at 1.40pm.

The programme for the Remembrance at Harrogate Theatre on 13 March,2008, has been kindly provided by the Harrogate Theatre and the four pages are included here:

The Harrogate Advertiser of 22 February,2008, included a full account of Joan under the title "I've been to a marvellous party!" This account said that she was a former President of the Headteachers’ Association for the UK.

(at the Little Theatre, Harrogate Hydro/Old Swan Hotel
unless stated otherwise)

•    as the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland / Through The Looking Glass
      by Lewis Carrol, in December,1948 - this at The Royal Hall, Harrogate
•    as Judith Bliss in Hay Fever by Noel Coward, in May,1948,
•    as Mrs Jenkins in The Cure For Love by Walter Greenwood in May,1949;
•    as Mrs. J. Duro Pampinelli in The Torchbearers by George Kelly,
      in March,1950:
•    as Betsy Birch in The Golden Lad by Helen Thorpe in February,1951:
•    as Sister Joanna of the Cross in Cradle Song by Gregori
      & Maria Martinez Sierra, in March,1952:
•    as Mrs Pigeon in Fresh Fields by Ivor Novello, in May,1952
      - this at the Royal Hall, Harrogate:
•    as Nurse Braddock in The Gioconda Smile by Aldous Huxley in February,1953:
•    as Gay Wellington in You Can't Take It With You by Moss Hart
      & George S Kaufman in December,1953
       - this at the Grand Opera House,Harrogate:
•    as mother of Eurydice in Point of Departure by Jean Anouilh in March,1954:
•    as Mrs Whyte in the Waters Of The Moon by N C Hunter in October,1954:
      a review of the this play is described below:

"Harrogate Drama Festival ended at the Royal Hall on Saturday night on a note of triumph for Harrogate. Against strong opposition from three counties local teams won all three trophies for the best plays and provided three of the four best individual performers in the week's festival.
Mr, Alex Reeve, director of productions at the Theatre Royal, Northampton, the adjudicator, placed the "clever and accomplished performance" of Harrogate Dramatic Society in "Waters Of The Moon" at the top of the full-length plays section. Leeds Art Centre were runners-up with "Don't Listen Ladies" and Otley Little Theatre third with "Pink String and Sealing Wax". Tuesday's presentation of "Waters Of The Moon" by Harrogate Dramatic Society was described by Mr. Reeve as "clever and accomplished.

.......Joan Hammond's performance as Mrs Whyte had a 'lovely vocal quality"

The HDS web site review as above includes a photograph of the "Waters of the Moon" production showing all of the cast of ten though identifying Joan Hammond is difficult.

•    as Aunt Louise in Figure of Fun by Andre Roussin in March,1955:
•    as Alex Corwall in Who Goes There by John Dighton in December,1958:
      a photograph from the production shows Joan
      and can be viewed on the HDS web site

(photograph included
but awaiting
permission from
copyright owner)

(is the man holding a pair of .....?)

•    as Madame Arcati in Blythe Spirit by Noel Coward, in February,1961:
•    Martin Boddy, the Norwood College School Secretary appeared as Fred Dyson
in When We Are Married by J B Priestley, in April,1961:
•    Martin Boddy appeared as the First Stetcher
in The More The Merrier by Ronald Miller, in October,1961:
•    as Hattie in The Grass is Greener by Margaret Williams, in December,1966:
•    as Rosie Butterfield in A Friend Indeed by William Douglas Home,
      in December,1973:
•    as Edna in A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee, in December,1974
       - at the Harrogate Studio Theatre:
•    as Lady Mary Crabbe in Fresh Fields by Ivor Novello, in November,1977
       - at Skipton Town Hall.
      Joan had played the part of Mrs Pigeon in the Royal Hall production in 1952.
      For this 1977 production the review was "Joan M. Mallett dominated the
      stage as the enterprising Lady Mary Crabbe, who cooks up a plot to
      boost the family's dwindling resources."
•    directed Waters Of The Moon by N C Hunter in November,1978
      - at Skipton Town Hall. Joan had played Mrs Whyte in the October,1954,
      production. The HDS web site says of this,

"It was almost a clean sweep for Harrogate Dramatic Society in the Craven Drama Festival. They won everything but the runners-up prize. Their Wednesday night presentation of "Waters Of The Moon", a comedy by N. C. Hunter, won them the Irving trophy for the play awarded highest marks by the adjudicator, John Fox. Joan Mallet won the Producer's Trophy."
•    as June Buckridge (Sister George) in The Killing of Sister George
       by Frank Marcus in May,1980 - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed I'll Get My Man by Philip King in May,1982
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed Not Now Darling by Ray Cooney & John Chapman in May 1983
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed There Goes The Bride by Ray Cooney & John Chapman in May 1984
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
      by Stephen Sondheim in February 1985 - at the Crown Hotel, Harrogate
•    as Clara Soppitt in When We Are Married by J B Priestly
      in June,1985 - St. Mary's Church Hall, Harrogate
•    directed Move Over Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
       in January,1986
•    directed Spider's Web by Agatha Christie in January,1987
•    as Mary Beckett in Celebration by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall in May 1987
       - St. Mary's Church Hall, Harrogate
•    directed Deadly Nightcap by Francis Durbridge in May,1988
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed The Hollow by Agatha Christie in May,1989
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed Stepping Out by Richard Harris in May,1990
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed Breath of Spring by Peter Coke in March,1991
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
      Harrogate Advertiser, 15 March,1991:
       "Every comment on close of curtain was one of praise and director
       Joan Mallett should have every reason to feel well-satisfied."
•    directed The Dresser by Ronald Harwood in March,1992
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
      Harrogate Advertiser:
       "With a suitably seedy changing room set and clever direction from
       Joan Mallett, this was definately yet another success."
•    directed Ring Round The Moon by Jean Anouihl in NOvember,1992
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
      The Harrogate Advertiser
       "Play director and society president Joan Mallett has notched up yet
       another gem of a production with Ring Round The Moon, a delightful
       charade with music. And it's success - tickets were sold out nearly
       a fortnight before - is even more remarkable in view of two last
       minute hitches."
•    as Mrs. Raiton-Bell in Separate Tables byTerence Rattigan in November,1993
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed Noises Off by Michael Frayne in May,1994
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
      The Harrogate Advertiser
       "Director Joan Mallett worked her actors hard during rehearsals but
       directed with a lightness of touch that made sure the comedy never
       became heavy-handed - something that could have easily happened.
       As a result, the laughs and action flowed and once again,
       Harrogate Dramatic Society has a triumph on its hands."
•    directed The Cure For Love by Walter Greenwood in May,1995
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed Shadow Play by Noel Coward in November,1995
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed When We Are Married by J B Priestly in May,1997
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed Rumours by Neil Simon in October,1998
       - Harrogate Theatre, main house
•    directed All My Sons by Arthur Miller in December,2001
      - at Harrogate Studio Theatre
•    directed Twelfth Night byWilliam Shakespeare in May,2003
      - at Harrogate Theatre
•    directed Ring Round The Moon by Jean Anouihl in May,2005
      - at Harrogate Theatre
•    directed Move Over, Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
       in May,2006 - at Harrogate Theatre

School photo of 1949   

School photo of 1950   

with John Perrett in 1950 production of The Mikado   

1953 School photo: Mrs Joan Hammond, Mr H W Curtis, Miss Beisant

School photo of 1954   

School photo of 1955

As an aside, former pupil Terenace Alexander said,

"I went on the stage in 1939 with the White Rose Players at the Opera House, Harrogate, and was called up into the Army in 1942 when I was just 19. I was wounded in Italy with the 27th Lancers in May '45 and when I came out of the Army I restarted my stage career. ."

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