Norwood College Honorary Membership Club

Page created 10 November,2004

Ex-pupils of Norwood College may wish to nominate people who have performed a special service to be HONORARY MEMBERS of Norwood College.
A Membership Certificate will be issed by the web site webmaster if a passport-sized photograph (or BMP, JPG, GIF file) is provided. An example of a Certificate is shown below.


1. Ex-pupils of Norwood College may nominate a person as an Honorary Member
2. Honorary members should, whenever possible, observe Charlie Cass's rule, “One hand, Yes: two hands, No” rule
3. Honorary members should conduct themselves well at all times
4. Membership is indefinite but if they do not conduct themselves on a satisfactory basis, as considered by an ex-pupil, then their membership ceases
5. The membership certificate must be signed by the Member and by the person nominating that Member
6. A list of all members will be published on this page - see below.


1. Honorary members may view the Norwood College Internet web site
2. Honorary members are encouraged to submit text and/or photographs to the Norwood College web site for inclusion; credit will be acknowledged on the web site for such material
3. May attend any Norwood College function in the company of an ex-pupil.

Membership no.
Name and special service
Effective from

Ryan Gledhill Acted as model for Norwood College uniform

10 Nov 2004


unfilled as yet

Example of Membership Certificate:-

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