On 12 January,1972 the HARROGATE HERALD reported that Norwood was to close and that an outline application was to be submitted the following day to Harrogate's Planning Committee by the Hanover Housing Association for the demolition of the property and erection of a four-storey block of flats in its place.

The HARROGATE HERALD reported on 9 February 1972 that planning approval was granted to the Hanover Housing Association for the demolition of Norwood College, and the erection of a four-storey block of one-bedroom flats, and four two-bedroom flats with four garages and parking for six cars, subject to the committee receiving details of the materials to be used. An application put before the committee at its last meeting was deferred so that more information about the intended occupants of the flats could be gathered. Planning Committee members had been told that they were for old people, but concern was expressed that if all the dwellings were no so allotted car parking difficulties would arise. The committee was informed that the articles of association of Hanover Housing limited them to letting their properties to old people only; in view of this, the Committee felt that one garage for each four dwellings was satisfactory.


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