This chart shows the possible rise and fall of the numbers of pupils in the 35 years of Norwood's existence. It peaks with the influx of many boys from New House School that closed suddenly in the very late 40s.
Norwood started with 2 pupils in 1936 and had 50 when it closed in March,1976.

Although we do not have year-by-year records of the number of pupils, some keys to these figures are:

early 1936 2, then 27 pupils
c1947 photo 96 *
May,1949 photo 89 *
June,1950 photo 107 * Absorption of pupils from New House School
1953 photo 86 *
May,1957 photo 91 *
June,1960 photo 91 *
on closure in 1972 50 *
*     inevitably, some pupils would not be present on the day of the annual photograph

This sort of profile would suggest that a minimum of over 500 boys passed through the school. That figure is, most likely, on the low side as much depends upon the time each boys stayed at Norwood. However, the maximum could be 750. Names found so far, though mostly only from copies of The Rocket add up to about 300.

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