In the 1940s and 50s, some of the Boarders came from overseas, some from the Leeds area. The Day boys came from Leeds, Otley, Knaresborough, Harrogate itself, all the small hamlets surrounding Harrogate and from Pateley Bridge. The latter presented severe difficulties during the winter months when snow or ice were around as the road from Pateley Bridge had some very steep hills.

A problem encountered by many schools today, that of the number of parents' car queuing in the street was certainly not a problem at Norwood. Up to the mid-1950s at least, I cannot recall one single arrival by car!

I lived only ten minutes walk away from Norwood, along Leeds Rd, and this was at a time when men were employed to sweep the footpaths; I passed the same roadsweeper day in, day out, and his job when the snow came was to make a path about 18" wide, shovelling the snow into a pile at the side creating a sort of tunnel to walk through when the snow fall was particularly heavy.

I was always amazed that some boys ACTUALLY TRAVELLED FROM LEEDS by 'bus each day! Leeds was the other end of the earth but 15 miles today is a routine journey to Safeway! It was the no.57 West Yorkshire 'bus that picked up at the cross roads a hundred yards up from the school*. In the 1950s, some of the double-deckers had a peculiar seating arrangement upstairs; the four seats were in a row with the aisle at the side but each seat was staggered about four inches to the rear of its neighbour.

* The site of the 'bus stop is now a roundabout, having been made in the 1960s; before that, Leeds Rd simply widenned out with the 'bus stop beneath an enormous tree. Underneath this roundabout is the old railway tunnel leading to the Brunswick Station. During the construction of the roundabout the workmen accidentally dug into the bricks of the tunnel lining and had quite a surprise. Not exactly a Roman mosaic pavement!

Norwood and the Playground have now been replaced by flats; the building in the far distance, on the left, is (the then) Prince of Wales Hotel. Directly below my feet when taking this photograph would have been the tunnel.

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