post-1972 photographs

Updated 15 July,2007

Hanover House apartments on site of 5 Leeds Road and 1 Tewitt Well Avenue.

On left, seen from Leeds Rd and, right, from Tewit Well Ave with no.1 Leeds Rd in background.
The flats have been built on the level of the basement of Norwood so that the ground floor flats on the Leeds Rd side are lower than street level.

Photos by Tony Eden in 1994

Note that the original two brick pillars are still
in situ though the large tree is no more.

The photo below, left, is taken from Alderson Rd, looking over the former Playground towards Hanover House; these are the Tewit Well Court flats with the rear outhouses and garages. The photo on the right looks towards Leeds Rd from Tewit Well Avenue and illustrates the lower level of the building. Royal Crescent is in the background; this crescent was built between 1851 and 1880.

The following photograph of the two blocks of flats was taken in 1999.
To the left of the large tree is the later Hanover House flats and to the right the earlier flats built on the Playground; the tree appears to be the one growing in the corner of the Playground. (The tree is seen in the photo at the top of this page).
Number 1 Leeds Rd is just visible to the left of Hanover House.

The building in the far distance, on the left, is (the then) Prince of Wales Hotel. Directly below my feet when taking this photograph would have been the tunnel taking the original railway to Brunswick Station.

The Playground was on the left. The house is on the corner of Alderson Road.

from left to right: no.1 Leeds Rd: nos.3 & 5 Leeds Rd (Norwood, now Hanover House): Tewit Well Avenue: the former Playground (now Tewit Well Court flats). Note that the trees would have been in situ when Norwood was active.

- 2007 -

Photographs taken by David Pugh * in July,2007. Number 1 Leeds Road is still present in its original form. A bus shelter and raised kerb are now installed.
* David Pugh did not attend Norwood

Viewed from Tewit Well Avenue side.

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