left to right at some unknown location: David Gordon-Russell, Brain Simpson, Roberts Nicholls,
Smith, Sidney Jones, 'Doc' Holliday, Charles Bright, ??, Graham Rath
in front: Hugh Lythall, ??, Albert Nivybloy, John Horner
photo provided by David Gordon-Russell

Graham Rath: David Gordon-Russell: Bob Nicholls: ? Blair: Dick Fagan, Chris Smith II, Craig Smith III:
kneeling, Hugh Lythall, John Horner, Albert Niley, Ward
photo provided by Craig Smith

By Kevin Cheeseright
I kept a scrapbook at Norwood which contained the team sheets, football scores and many photos that I took when we played football on the Stray. You used to turn up with a small piece of paper with the words "PRESS" stuck to the top of your camera.

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