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For those who cannot remember Guineas, let alone Pounds, Shillings and Pence,
a Guineas was 1. 1. 0d - which in today's money is 1.05

The Fees in 1945 were:-

..... Boarders under 7, 30 Guineas per Term, less 3 Guineas if not at school at the weekends:
..... between age 8 and 10, 33 Guineas
..... over 10, 35 Guineas

..... for Day Boys, the Fees were shown in s d despite being multiples of Guineas!
..... 2. 2. 0d could be deducted for attendance on mornings only.
..... under age 7, 6. 6. 0d
..... age 8 to 10, 9. 9. 0d
..... over age 10, 11. 11. 0d

..... The Term's Games Subscription was 5/-.

Charlie liked to refer to the school fees bill, in French, as the addition.

..... The prospectus of c1945 shows the 11am milk (in a small bottle!) was an optional extra at 2d (<1p) each time. How on earth this was accounted for is a mystery. We just went into the Dining Room at about 11am and picked up a bottle - if they had been delivered.

Charlie wrote to parents on 3 November,1954, advising of increases in Fees as from January,1955:

..... Boarders under 8, 44 Guineas per Term,
..... between age 8 and 10, 48 Guineas
..... over 10 and under 14, 50 Guineas
..... age 14 and over, 52 Guineas

..... for Day Boys,under age 8, 10 Guineas
..... age 8 to 10, 12 Guineas
..... over age 10 and under 14, 14 Guineas
..... 14 and over, 16 Guineas

In January,1959 the Fees were increased following Charlie's letter to parents on 3 October,1958:-

..... Boarders up to age 11, 68 per Term,
...... 12 and under 14, 74
...... age 14 and over, 80

..... for Day Boys,up to age 11, 20
..... 12 and under 14, 25
..... 14 and over, 30

Copy of bill for Summer Term,1964, kindly provided by Trevor Miller and scanned by Alastair Buchan (in 2019). Note the required postage/revenue stamp is overstamped on the receipt with a G.W.G.Cass handstamp. An interesting account of what money went where.

Then the bill for the Spring,1965, Term. The charge of 1/9d to replace a broken plate seems a bit heafty!

Copy of bill for Autumn Term,1966, kindly provided by Andrew Ramsall.

The 2 Guineas was for Swimming.
7/14/- was charged for Dinners.
The 12/- was for "School Textbooks and Stationary".
Note that the Blazer cost 8 Guineas ... in 1966!
The 3/6d was for "Cricket Bus 2/- & Tea 1/6".

At a date sometime before 1967, the Fees, now again expressed as Guineas, were:-

..... over 8 and up to age 11, 87 Guineas
..... 12 and under 14, 92 Guineas
..... age 14 and over, 97 Guineas

..... for Day Boys, under age 8, 30 Guineas
..... over 8 and up to age 11, 35 Guineas
..... 12 and under 14, 40 Guineas
..... 14 and over, 45 Guineas

Dear Parent,
You are no doubt aware that the eventual refund of the Selective Employment Tax promised to most professions and trades, has been withheld from Independent Education, and that consequently those of us who believe in such Independence are being penalised. So far as Norwood is concerned it has been our wish not to increase the fees at present, but having now studied the problem very closely we find that we are unable to do this if we are to maintain a high standard. We have found it necessary to increase the fees, for both boarding and day pupils, by 3 guineas per term as from January,1967, and they will be as follows:-"

          Boarders under 8, 85 Guineas per Term,
          over 8 and up to age 11, 90 Guineas
          12 and under 14, 95 Guineas
          age 14 and over, 100 Guineas

          for Day Boys, under age 8, 33 Guineas
          over 8 and up to age 11, 38 Guineas
          12 and under 14, 43 Guineas
          14 and over, 48 Guineas

Despite selling the Playground to the Tewit Well Housing Society to raise funds, Fees were again increased in September,1968:

Andrew Ramsall's bill for July,1968, shows that the Fees have now risen to 103 Guineas.

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