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The North Yorkshire County Council web site of historic photographs includes a a photo of Norwood and a charabanc . As Norwood was opened in 1936 perhaps the photograph was taken shortly after? The caption supplied to the NYCC by Tony Eden reads:-
"School boys in an open-topped bus outside Norwood College in Harrogate c.1940. The school opened in May 1936 and closed in 1972. The headmaster was G.W.G.Cass. who, before taking up the post, was employed at Clifton House School in nearby Stray Road.."

photograph included here pending authority from NYCC
15 May,2007

There are four boys sitting outside at the rear of the charabanc and possibly three inside. A peak-capped driver is just visible. Notice the Norwood sign above the door of The Prefects' Steps; in the Annual Photo of c1947 (see below) this sign is no longer in place and had been moved to the Leeds Rd frontage as shown on other and later photos. This suggests that the charabanc trip was organised when Norwood consisted of only the Tewit Well Ave property - say about 1940?

The next image, of about 1940, shows the Norwood College sign still in place on the Tewit Well Ave side.

The postcard shown above is of the Tewit Well Avenue side of the school as well as the Playground. The buildings at left-foreground are the shops in Leeds Road. Clifton House School is not visibe, but is immediately on the right of house at centre-right of the view - this being Stray Road.

This photograph was sold, mounted on a card with a small calendar below, in about 1950. It is interesting to note that the NORWOOD COLLEGE sign board covers both no. 3 and no.5 Leeds Rd; this suggests that the photograph was taken after New House College was absorbed into Norwood.

The print was made in black/white then coloured by hand at the
photographer's studio. You can see the original uncoloured portion of the roof and a chimney stack (on the right). Perhaps another print may have had these portions coloured in!

This also was a calandar picture, and again hand-coloured.
Leeds Rd is to the extreme left and this side of the school is in Tewit Well Avenue.

This is part of a postcard showing no.1 Leeds Road and bears the title, "Walkroyd School, Straydene, Harrogate"; however, the image is included here as the back of Norwood College, Tewit Well Avenue side, is visible on the left of the picture. Leeds Road is on the right side of the picture.No mention is made on the Internet of Walkroyd School. It is quite obvious that this building was designed by the same architect as Noorwood.

July,1956, on Tewit Well Avenue entrance steps, "The Prefects' Steps"
Left to right: Shamim Ahmed: John Paley: Mark Cullen:
(back) Brian Gardner: Brian Wilkinson: (front l) Ian Chippendale: (front r) Anthony Baldwin (who, on the following day, failed his interview at the kilt factory).
Photo by Tony Eden

The following two images are from the Unnetie web site and show the roundabout on Leeds Rd with the Tewit Well Ave side of Norwood visible through the Playground trees. They were taken prior to the sale of the Playground and therefore date before 1968. Photographs by Bertram Unné.
photograph included here pending authority from Unnetie
15 May,2007

photograph included here pending authority from Unnetie
15 May,2007

This photograph was taken by Tony Eden in November,1972,
from the Tewit Well Avenue side.
The Prefects' Steps would have been just by the rear window of the car.

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