Of course, the usual examinations were held in the school for the results to be incorporated into our end-of-term Reports. Charlie was fond of having relatively minor examination board exams as a precursor to the formal General Certificate of Education (GCE); these included the London Chamber of Commerce and The College of Preceptors.

The GCEs were frequently of the Universities of Oxford and of Cambridge and (in the 1950s) sat at a girls' school, Belmont, in the vicinity of Victoria Avenue.

Five signatures were needed to tell everyone that I had passed the London Chamber of Commerce ("Incorporated", note) Elementary Arithmetic examination With Distinction. And a posh red seal. When you read it closely, you find that I only had "a proficiency in" the subject. What a let down!

Here is an example of the Cambridge Chemistry exam paper of 1956

And if you can remember Telegrams, here is Charlie's Telegram to me, from "Cass" notifying success in the 1956 GCE exams.

Newspapers earn much money by simply printing names of local residents - out come the scissors! But, of course, there are proud moments when exam results are announced and an example from The Harrogate Advertiser, of 1959 follows. The 20 April,1959, was a memorable day for Michael Perkins who went to the Mansion House in the City of London with his parents.

Norwood College examination results

At the recent, intermediate examination of the London Chamber of Commerce, Michael Perkins, a pupil of Norwood College, Harrogate, gained first place in England for mathematics. His certificate and prize were presented by Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery at a prize giving (sic) ceremony in the Mansion House, London, on April 20th, 1959.

Michael Perkins also passed the Northern G.C.E. (0. Level) examination in English language, English literature, mathematics, history and religious knowledge, as well as the Oxford G.C.E. in mathematics.

He has previously passed the London Chamber of Commerce Examination in English, arithmetic, and history. The College of Preceptors Certificate Examination in English and arithmetic. (sic)

Other recent successes by the boys of Norwood College have been:
Northern G.C.E. (0. Level) ,A. Baldwin, D. Bartle, R. Cullen, P. Gent, P. Inman, B. Marshall, I P. Riddell, M. Webster.
Entry to Merchant Navy: B. ! Angas.:
College of Preceptors: A. Barker, J. Blacker, I. Bosomworth, J. Crowther, J. Fletcher, R. Metcalfe. P. Robson, F. Tse, R. Tse,' and M. Worsnop.

London Chamber of Commerce (Intermediate): D. Bartle, J. Crowther, M. Ghani, P. Inman, R. Metcaife, F.Tse, R. Tse, and R. Wigley.

London Chamber of Commerce (Elementary): A. Barker, R. Black, J. Crowther, J. Doyle, P. Gent, M. Ghani, G. Hanley, H.Hasan, M. Ibbotson, J. Laughton, C. Lowe, D. Matthews, R. Metcalfe, D. Peel, J. Suteliffe. A. Shubber, D. Stickney, R.Tse, F. Tse, D.Tse, F. Underwood, and P. Warriner.

Royal Schools of Music; M.Ibbotson (Grade III).

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