Page updated 19 September,2007

This web site is indexed on several search engines including Alta Vista, Yahoo, Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, UK Plus, and Ask Jeeves. The search result "" should be ignored; this was an initial web page that I started but abandoned - but cannot now remove it!

Google indexes it via "norwood college" harrogate and also via the "Harrogate Website Directory".

The National Archives web site, Your Archives includes pages on Charlie Cass and James Walter Nuttall.

If a search has been made, for example for "William Henry Cass", Charlie's father, then a link will be available; progressing to this link will give the correct page but lacking the left hand side menu. At the foot of each page is a link to the main opening screen, and from here you will get the usual Norwood site. This insertion is included below.

Another example: Laurie A Earl was a train driver with the LMS and he visited Norwood in 1947 to talk to the Railway Club; searching for his name as "laurie a earl" on Google produces two results - the first is a dentist in Ohio and the second produces a link to Mr Earl's page on the Norwood site. At the foot of that page is the message linking it to the full Norwood site.

The Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, web site includes Norwood College.

If you have arrived at this page via a Search Engine and it does not display a menu
at the left hand side of your screen, press Norwood College to go to the web site.