Updated 18 December,2018

Please advise Tony Eden if you wish your address to be removed from this list or of any changes you wish to make

name email
Dr Jack Ogden 2011
Ken Reed
Andrew Scadding 2011
Paul Willis 2017

name email - and date last accessed
Peter Addyman 2008
Chris Allen Not responding (May,2012)
Richard Bennison 2018
Martin C Boddy 2007 (was
Ian Kingsley Bosomworth Ian died in 1994 but his daughter, Sarah, can be contacted at
Alastair Buchan 2012
David Castle ( ....invalid address,2018)
Kevin Cheeseright 2007
Don Clapham 2018
Ian Clark 2012
Nigel Collins no email yet but phone 01423 881112
Paul Cooper
Richard Cullen 2012
John Barton Crowther
Jim Dainty ( ... wrong address,2018)
Brian Dove not responding
Anthony (Tony) Eden 2018
John Fallon via:
David Gordon-Russell 2012
Peter Gulliver or ... wrong address,2018)
Robin Hall not responding
John Horner ( ... wrong address,2018)
Derry Jones not responding
Frances Judge
Hamish King
Tony Lai
(wef April,2011)
John Laughton
(wef Feb,2011)
Michael Levine 2008
Brian Lythall
Hugh G Lythall
Iain McRither ( ... wrong address,2018)
Donald Matthews 2018
Allen Mills 2008
John Mitchinson 2009
John G Moore not responding
Michael Owen
Timothy Patchett 2014
Michael M Perkins not responding
John Perrett Not responding,2018
( .... wrong address,2018)
Andrew Pickersgill ( wrong address,2018)
Richard Potter ( .... wrong address,2018)
Roger B Pullan Roger@pullan50.
Keith Race 2010
Andrew Ramshall ( ....wrong address,2018)
Graham Rath
Julian Scurr
Gerard Smith (Gerry Lumley) not responding
Howard Thackray not responding
Paul Thompson ( ... wrong address,2018)
Stuart Thurston ( ... wrong address,2018)
R Gordon Turner not responding
Ian Turner or
Christopher Watson 2018
Malcolm Webster
Jeremy White 2018
Shaun M White 2012

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