Driver Laurie A Earl
of the LMS

Updated 30 September,2005

One visitor to the Norwood College Railway Club in 1947 was Driver Laurie A Earl of the Royal Scot 6224; this engine, Princess Alexandra, was a
4-6-2, and prior to the Second World War had streamlined outer casing in blue/silver livery.
He handed out photographs of himself to members of the Railway Club and here he is.

    Photo courtesy of the Daily Herald

Mr. Earl, an LMS engine driver from the late 20's and 1930's on the West Coast main line from Euston to the north was the author of the 143 page-book, "Speeding North with the Royal Scot: a Day in the Life of a Locomotive Man", Oxford University Press, 1939.

The February,1947, edition of The Rocket reported on Mr Earl's visit to Norwood and the following appears to be work of D R Clubb:


On the 26th November, Driver Earl, late of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, came to Norwood. He gave us a lecture, illustrated with lantern slides, on "Britain's Largest Railway".

There were various types of engine shown, also many scenes on the L.M.S. system. The lecture proved very successful and interesting, especially to the Railway Club Members.

I am sure we all sympathise with Mr Earl on having to retire upon reaching the age limit, when he did not really wish to do so. We thank him most sincerely for paying us such a kind visit."


Mr H.N.Twells, railway author and Honorary Secretary of The LMS Society, says:

"Laurie Earl was a West Coast line driver who featured in magazine articles and newspaper write-up's from time to time, and he was of course one of the group of senior drivers who were assigned to driving the LMS Royal Train periodically. I seem to recall his name was mentioned in an article in the LMS Magazine prior to commencement of war in 1939."

28 August,2005

The web site of The Harrow & Wembley Society of Model Engineers (H&W SME), founded in 1936, includes the following text and refers to one of its members, Laurie Earl himself:

"In October 1947 a party of members were given an extensive tour of the Camden locomotive sheds which was followed by lavish refreshments provided by member Laurie Earl - a well known driver of the Royal Train. A number of local Kodak employees became members of the Society one of whom was C R l Coles. Samples from his vast collection of photographs appear in many railway publications which feature locomotive pictures."

I am grateful to Roger Greenwood, Hon. Sec. H&W SME, for permission to use the two photos of Laurie Earl; the first shows him at a Club dinner, in possibly 1953, and the other on some train outing.

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