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The school closed on 24 March,1972, and was sold on 4 July,1972

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This photograph was taken by Tony Eden in November,1972,
from the Tewit Well Avenue side.
The Prefects' Steps would have been just by the rear window of the car.

By Alistair Buchan
It was very sad to see the school running down in the final years and Charlie desperately tried to "keep the show on the road" despite dwindling numbers and mounting debts. He had bank accounts in Harrogate, Wetherby and Cross Gates, Leeds and used to somehow manage his overdrafts amongst them.

The above appears to be a personal account.

The cheque stub says that Charlie is paying his account with the Metropole Hotel following his retirement and closure of Norwood in 1972.

The above is a cheque issued under the Norwood College (Harrogate) Ltd account.

Images provided by Alastair Buchan

By Ian Clark
This entrance was a favourite spot where boys wrote their name on a selected brick - the higher up the more impressive it was. At the time of the demolition of Norwood, I managed to save 'my' brick and hid it for later collection. Sadly it was never found.(Comment by Tony Eden: come on, own up, who took it?)

By Don Clapham

One of my regrets was on looking around Norwood when derelict I found a book of accounts just on the floor, with lists of boys and books bought etc. The building was strewn with Norwood memorabilia a very sad walk through the past. My wife thought I had enough rubbish and with regret I left it; what a shame. Even Alistair Buchan's old Citroen DS car was there outside the boiler room.

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