Updated 13 September,2006

Mr Curtis taught French at Norwood from about 1952 onwards. I remember him for the different method of teaching from Mr Corasi; whereas Mr Corasi handed out cards bearing the gammar which we recited, Mr Curtis came along with a French language "newspaper".

1953 School photo: Mrs Joan M Hammond, Mr H W Curtis, Miss Beisant

School photo of 1954

School photo of 1955

At some date after 1968 Mr Curtis replaced Sid Jones as the Director of Norwood College Ltd. When the company was wound up following Charlie's death in 1976, the only Company official was Mr Curtis who was shown as both Director and Secretary. Mr Curtis lived at of 27 Ashgrove, Bradford 7. He visited Charlie at The Metropole following the sale and settlement of Norwood (to discuss same) and this is mentioned in personal correspondence.

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