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Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in Lambeth, London, on 16 April,1889. When he was 19, he joined Fred Karno’s Comedians and then accompanied them to the USA in 1910 when he was 21. In 1913, Charles Chaplin joined the Keystone Film Company and made 35 films and it was in the following year, 1914, that he first appeared in his tramp costume. He died in 1977.

Perhaps Charlie Cass saw Charlie Chaplin at a cinema in Scarborough as a schoolboy? Charlie Chaplin films would have been hugely popular during Charlie's teenage years and perhaps his school friends at Scarborough College linked his birthday to that of Chaplin's, 16th April. Was Charlie a fan? Did he mimic Chaplin?

Peter Addyman submits this account:

I recall a day in the playing field when Charlie had had created a new sand pit for long jump practice. Its sandy floor had been raked smooth and Charlie, in his typical way, decided to declare it open by ceremonially walking up it.
When he and the assembled audience looked at the resultant footprints, everyone was struck, including Charlie himself, by the way the footprints were distinctly and consistently splayed. Charlie Chaplain always walked with exaggeratedly splayed feet in his films.
Charlie immediately said 'I don't know why I have been called Charlie, but maybe somebody noticed that I walk just like Charlie Chaplain'.
(16 Dec,2018)

Anyway (or "Anyroad" as us Yorkshire folks say), the story goes that due to the common birthday, Gordon Cass became Charlie Cass at some point in time - and it stuck.

Charlie Chaplin, 16th April,1889 - 1977

Charlie Cass, 16th April,1898 - 1976

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