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After Norwood had been in operation for about eight years, the school became a limited company, "Norwood College (Harrogate) Ltd". The deed conveying the property from the former owners, Edward Numa Butterworth, John Hirst and Eric Gordon Scruton, to "Norwood College (Harrogate) Limited" on 11 November,1944, shows the registered premises as 5 Leeds Road.

The Civil Registration Index 26 shows E N Butterworth as being born Edmund Numa M Butterworth, and registered in South Ossett, Christchurch, in the Dewsbury district of West Yorkshire in the June quarter of 1897. Charlie Cass was born the following year, 1898.

He appears in the 1901 Census 27 , being recorded as the 4-year old son of James Butterworth and his wife Stella, living at South Dale Roard, Ossett; his father is an Athletic Goods/Toy Manufacturer. The Census sheet clearly shows his second forename as "N" (for Numa) but this has been transcribed to an "R" in the Index. His brother George Clifford and a servant, Mary Cowper, are also shown in this Census.

With Hirst and Scruton, Butterworth had become the owner of what appears to have been nos.3 and 5 Leeds Road in July,1940. On the 1940 conveyance deed Butterworth is shown as "of Norwood College" and as Captain (Ret'd) Butterworth.

Our understanding is that Charlie took on no.5 Leeds Road in 1939. It is unwise to make assumptions but perhaps Capt. Butterworth was a friend of Charlie's from his Army days in 1917/18 and happened to reside at no.5 when the change of ownership occurred, and perhaps, Charlie had had beneficial use of no.5 for a year or so.

In the November,1944, deed, Capt. Butterworth is shown as "of St Mary's Avenue, Harrogate".

The London Gazette56 , 29 September,1942, includes mention of Edmund Numa Butterworth:-

In pursuance of Section 122 of the Factories Act, 1937, and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, the Right Honourable Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour and National Service, has been pleased to appoint Joseph Lucas, Lancelot William Colledge, Raymond Colin Roberts, Horace William James, Leo Bernard Crough, Edmund Numa Butterworth; to be His Majesty's Inspectors of Factories.
St. James's Square, London, S.W.I.

The Times, of 26 May,1947, included a letter from E N Butterworth replying to an earlier correspondent in the newspaper, relating to employment of German POWs ".....German POWs may work in private gardens if not required on farms of considerable acreage ....". His title and address were shown as E N Butterworth Captain (retd) 20 St Marks Avenue, Harrogate.

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