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flyer for the 1965 Norwood College Easter Dance

Image provided by Alastair Buchan

Image provided by Alastair Buchan

photo provided by Craig Smith

Photograph was taken at Calcutt Village Hall, Forest Moor (between Harrogate and Knareborough), probably Winter of 1965

George Whitfield (bass guitar), Ian ('Doc') Holliday (vocalist), Alan Waterhouse (rythmn guitar), Jake Haliday (drums) and Alastair Buchan (lead guitar).

Brian Simpson was formerly on rythmn guitar but is not pictured here. When Brian left the group Alan moved from bass guitar to rythmn guitar and George was recruited on bass guitar.

Brian Simpson sold his guitar to buy a motor bike and consequently left the group. Alan was a friend of Brian Simpson and he travelled from Leeds to attend rehearsals at Norwood (in the basement of 3 Leeds Road). Alan was never actually a pupil at Norwood.

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