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Miss Besant started teaching at Norwood in the Easter Term of 1949. Could she have been related to Sir Walter Besant (1836-1901) the English novelist and social reformer?

I can find no mention of her forename though when providing names for the 1954 annual panoramic photograph, John B Crowther said that her forenames were "Helen R". I am sure she had a Scots accent.

The Register of Births for Scotland includes:

about 1881 Helen R Bessant

The Register of Births for England and Wales includes the following:

1883 Helen Grace Besant
1897 Heleanor Gwendoline L Besant
1899 Helen Charlotte Bezant
1900 Heleanor Rosetta G Besant
1901 Helen Beasant
If the girl born in Scotland in (about) 1881, Helen R Bessant, is our subject then in the first photograph of 1949 she would have been about 68.

Annual School photos of 1949 and 1950

Annual School photos of 1953 and 1954

1953 photo by Panorgraphs Ltd
63 Erskine St, Liverpool 6

Annual School photos of 1955 and 1956

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