Held at the Harrogate Cricket Ground,
St George's Road

Revised 16 June,2007

The photographs of the big day were pinned up on the wall immediately inside the Prefects' Steps entrance in Tewit Well Avenue where a window formed an small alcove. We all eargerly looked for ourselves and friends and made a note of the print nuumber so that our parents could fork out and buy one.
Typically, the prints were 8" X 6" and were produced by the photographer from Graham Powell, 35 James Street. On the back of one of mine, from 1953, is written "Eden, 1/6" so one shilling and six pence would have been a lot of money then.
That alcove is on the left of the doorway, the Prefects' Steps, in this photograph.

St George's Road from the Leeds Road roundabout.

Photograph by Bertram Unné included here pending authority from Unnetie

St George's Road entrance to the
Harrogate Cricket Ground where the
Annual Sports were held.
The pavilion is in the distance.

Photograph by Anthony Eden

The web site for the Harrogate Cricket Club includes a few photos of the St George's Rd ground and mentions that the Junior pitch behind the pavilion, formerly the Clifton House School field, was leased in 1969 to accommodate the thriving Junior Section of Harrogate Cricket Club.

The Cricket Club web site says that,

"Following several attempts over the years the present club was finally formed at a meeting in the Somerset Hotel, Harrogate on 9th June 1877. The land at St. George's Road was leased at an annual rent of £24 and the first match was played on 7th July 1877."

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