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The photographs and images are the property and copyright of Mr Anthony Eden unless stated otherwise

Text, photographs and other images submitted by old boys remain their property and this is acknowledged where possible. In particular, grateful thanks is given to: Alastair Buchan: Tony Cheal: Kevin Cheeseright: Hugh Lythall: David Gordon-Russell: Peter Gulliver: David Clay.

If any photographs or images have been used without acknowledgement of copyright or ownership then this is regretted and Anthony Eden should be informed, please.

Photograph of Norwood from Leeds Rd
The view of Norwood from Leeds Road has appeared in several guises and
it is assumed that Charlie Cass was the copyright owner.

Mr G. Stuart Leslie
My sincere thanks for the photographs which Stuart Leslie provided showing Charlie Cass and aircraft of the First World War.

Vollans Photography
Permission for the reproduction of certain photographs
has been kindly granted by Mr B Vollans of Vollans Photography, Cheapside,
Knaresborough. Vollans still have negatives for many
Norwood photographs and they can be printed on request.
The negative size is necessarily large and hence printing costs
will need to reflect this - but please contact Vollans

R Ackrill Ltd
Permission for the reproduction of certain photographs has been
kindly granted by The Editor, Harrogate Advertiser
Unfortunately, the Harrogate Advertiser no longer
holds any negatives for their Norwood photographs.

Harrogate Advertiser and Harrogate Herald
Permission for the reproduction of orbituary notices
and other text has been kindly granted by
The Editor, Harrogate Advertiser
or Harrogate Herald as appropriate

Allens Outfitters
The pencil drawing of Allen's is reproduced by kind permission
of Elizabeth Stickney, great-granddaughter
of the original owner of Allens.

Royal Geographical Society
Grateful Thanks to Sarah Strong of the Royal Geographical Society Archives for ascertaing details of Charlie's
election as a Fellow of the RGS

79 Squadron
emblem, motto and text extracts are kindly provided by Mr Malcolm Barrass
of "Air of Authority - A History of RAF Organisation"

Photographs of Lt G C G Cass
Reproduced here with the kind permission of the
Department of Research and Information Services,
Royal Air Force Museum

Hooton Park Trust
Information and photographs of Hooton Park airfield;
the Hooton Park Trust

Rick Jones
Photographs of Hooton Park airfield; the Classic Aircraft web site

The long, Long Trail Web Site
Thanks to Chris Baker for use of material from the
The Long, Long Trail web site

Grove Park Hospital
Photograph of Grove Park kindly provided by Dr J D Johnston
of the web site Histories of Hospitals in the area of Greenwich

Scarborough College

The architect's drawing is reproduced with the kind permission of Gabrielle E Jandzio, Marketing & Promotions Officer, Scarborough College.

Euan McLusky

For permission to use his photographs of Clifton's magazine and Cub Pack.

Kate Gibson
For kind permission to use images from her web site,
Kate's Paper Money, Paper money from around the world

Genuki Yorkshire web-site

Grateful thanks to Colin Hinson for permission to use quotes from the
Genuki Yorkshire web-site

Eric Pinder

For information about Filey

Simon Baines

For the kind permission of Simon Baines of the Hunmanby web site to use a map and text from his site.

Barclays Bank

Larysa Bolton, Archivist, Group Archives, Dallimore Road, Manchester, M23 9JA,
for the supply of extracts from the Barclay's Bank magazine, Spread Eagle, relating to Charles Broughton Cowling

David Leonard, District Commissioner, for the supply of
photos and information relating to Scouting at Clifton House School.
Harrogate and Nidderdale Scout District

David S Pugh,

for taking several photographs for use on this internet site.

The Harrogate Tunnel, Air Raid Shelter and Prospect Tunnel

for inclusion of photographs taken by the Leeds Historical Expedition Society in January,2008. There are many photographs on the web site and a few are included here with the kind permission of the Phill Davison of the LHES.

letters from Geoffrey and Norman Clay, Clifton Boarders, 1912 to 1915

Many thanks to David Clay for so generously providing letters written by his father and uncle who were Boarders at Clifton House School
during the time of the First World War.

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