The Royal Pump Room

Built in 1841-42 to the design of Isaac Thomas Shutt

Old Sulphur Well: Pub.Valentine: P/M Harrogate,1902

Royal Pump Room: Pub.H Graham Glen Wortley Ltd

Royal Pump Room: Pub.Regal Art Publishing Co: "Processed in Saxony"

Old Sulphur Well

The Royal Pump Room: Pub.Rafael Tuck:

The Old Sulphur Well: Pub.Hartmann: P/M Harrogate,1905

Sulphur Well: Pub.Pictorial Stationery Co Ltd: P/M Harrogate,1905: Printed at the Works in Saxony
This postcard gives an idea of what the scene would have been like
in Harrogate's hayday.
The message read:-
"Quite a busy place but the water is very nasty"

Royal Pump Room: Pub.H Shaftoe:
A rather wonderful Edwardian photograph. I wonder whether the gentleman posting
the letter was posed for the photographer?

Royal Pump Room: Pub.Jarrold's: Painted by Parsons Norman
P/M Harrogate,1905

Royal Pump Room: Pub.W H Smith: P/M Harrogate,1905

Royal Pump Room: Pub.R Ackrill: this is same negative as the W H Smith card above but the colouring is quite different.

Pump Room interior: Pub.Henry Horner: Real Photo:
This view is of the interior of the Annex that was built in 1913. It is visible on postcards which follow.

Royal Pump Room: P/M Harrogate,1951

Pump Room and Royal Parade: Pub.Photochrom

Entrance to Valley Gardens: Pub.Valentine:

Pump Room & Royal Parade: Pub.C Richter: Real Photo: P/M Harrogate,1947

Royal Pump Room, Royal Parade: Pub.J Arthur Dixon: PYD/22318. P/M Leeds,1980
A couple of Morris, Wolesley or Austin 1800s.

simply, "Harrogate": Pub. Bamforth

The Royal Pump Room Museum": Pub. Bamforth

"royal pump room": Pub. The Big Design Company 1993

Crown Place and Royal Pump Room Museum: Pub. Judges

London & North Eastern Railway Poster by H G Gawthorn, 1923: Pub. National Railway Museum: bought 2000
"The Royal Pump Room is now a museum illustrating the town's development as the Queen of Inland Spa's and life in Victortian Harrogate. The gentleman with the monocle and dog is the artist himself."